Consider the Fulfilling Lifestyle of a Workamper

Despite the common misconception, not all Workampers are retirees who work in campgrounds. In fact, fewer than half of all Workampers consider themselves retired. With a median age of 53, it’s obvious that the majority of Workampers are neither drawing pensions, nor living on rent-free camping alone.

Additionally, Workamping includes any activity that involves the exchange of hours for anything of value while residing in an RV. So, if you sleep in an RV at night and conduct an activity in exchange for something of value, you are a Workamper!

While this definition could technically include any occupation, we use the term “Workamper” to realistically refer to people whose activities relate primarily to the outdoor hospitality industry.

Regular readers of Workamper News magazine know that the majority of Workampers share their talents and experience in campgrounds, resorts, guest ranches, theme parks, marinas, farms, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, wildlife preserves as well as state, national and regional parks and forests. However, many Workampers take the road less traveled via employment as utility inspectors, field reps, carnival/circus crew members, ad sales, NASCAR ushers, souvenir vendors, etc.

Still yet, other Workampers operate businesses on wheels, such as flea market/craft vendors, cell phone/satellite sales, mobile food service, mobile RV repair/service—you name it.

Some Workampers are even in the enviable position of managing their businesses back home, via cell phones and the Internet, while they are traveling. Literally any kind of business can and is being conducted from the road. 

To better familiarize yourself with Workamping and our lingo, browse through our question and answer page and glossary. Then join us to start your Workamping adventure!