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For over three decades, Workamper News has been helping business operators find great people to fill multiple roles within their operations — from mom & pop shops recruiting one couple a year to fulfillment centers hiring thousands for a short season. Recruiting tools, advertising tools, and education help Employer members to create and maintain a successful Workamper program.

Benefits of Becoming an Employer Member
Below is a list of tools available to Employer members. They are color coded by member level.
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Awesome Applicants Resume Database

Our Workamper members can create an online resume to market themselves to Employers. They share what type of Workamping job they are looking for, when they want to start, past Workamping history, and more. Many also include photos. Employer Gold members can search this database of thousands of resumes to find applicants for their jobs. Refine your search using multiple criteria fields, assign a rating that only you will see, save resumes to find them more easily later, and print resumes. The Workampers include their contact information in their resume so you can get in touch with them directly.

Situations Wanted Ads

Situations Wanted ads are "work wanted" ads ran by our Workamper members — another avenue for adding to your applicant pool. You'll find these ads published in the Classifieds section of each issue of Workamper News magazine.  Employer Gold members can view additional Situations Wanted ads published online, and these online ads often include a link right to the Workamper's Awesome Applicants Resume.

Hotline Jobs Page & Email

The online Hotline is one avenue for Employers to advertise their Workamper jobs.  This website page will show you all of the current ads posted in the last 14 days. If you are currently running a Hotline ad, you can view it here to see how your ad looks to Workamper members who can also access this page.  The Hotline Jobs page is sortable by state, and you can also do keyword searches.

Workamper News Magazine

Until the end of 2022, we published a magazine filled with "help wanted" ads organized by state, along with articles and expert columns about the Workamping and RV lifestyle.  Each issue is also a recruiting tool for Employers by viewing "work wanted" ads ran by Workampers in the Classifieds section.  Members can view all 100 issues in the Online Magazine Archive.

Media Library

For years, Workamper News has been hosting online webinars to provide information, along with interviewing Employers who have successful Workamper programs. We've recorded these webinars and interviews, and organized them in the Media Library for you to watch at your convenience. Here you'll find insights into how to recruit and retain Workampers.

Article Index

Access information and education about recruiting, interviewing, and managing Workampers in article format.  Most articles come from Steve Anderson, WKN President and former HR Director of a successful Workamper program at an amusement park.

Employer Tours

Employer Gold members: show off your Workamping environment with an Employer Tour!  Type in a brief description of your location and facilities. Upload photos showing off where your Workampers will be working and include captions to describe the working and/or living environment. Tours are online 24/7 and available to our Workamper Diamond & Platinum members.

Praise Your Employer

Encourage your current or past Workampers to share about their experience with your operation.  The exit interview that you do with your Workampers at the end of your season would be a great time to pose this request.  Workampers who had a positive experience can award a star in the online Praise Your Employer tool. The main benefit of this tool is that Workampers can click on a star awarded to an Employer and then send an email to the Workamper who awarded the star, asking them for details about their experience.  As an Employer Gold member, you can view this tool to see how many stars have been awarded for your operation.


Workamper Experiences

This is another avenue where Workampers can share an experience they had with an Employer.  This tool is for Workamper Diamond & Platinum members only, and all posts are reviewed by a moderator before being made active.  Again, we encourage Employers to ask their Workamper staff to share about their experience via this online tool. It's a roundabout way to advertise your Workamper program!  Employer Members can access this tool to view any posts made about their operation, and they are also welcome to post replies.

Creating a Wow Workamping Experience Course

This online course will help you kick-start your Workamper program, or re-vamp your current Workamper program.  WKN President and former HR Director, Steve Anderson, will take you through how to craft an offer; create a recruiting program; what to do before, during and after the hire; plus strategies to keep the Workampers you've hired and turn them into super-recruiters! Employer Intro members receive a preview; Employer Gold members receive the full course.

Be Featured in the Workamper Podcast

We publish a weekly podcast called The Workamper Show. It is free for anyone to listen to on our website and in the popular podcast streaming apps. Spend about 30 minutes sharing about your Workamper program and opportunities via a phone or internet call with our host, Greg.  We make it easy - he will ask you questions and you just answer them.  Your episode will broadcast out and be available for years to come. A great, long-term advertising opportunity that's free for our Employer Gold members.

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