Different Kinds of Training for Workampers

Different Kinds of Training for Workampers


The majority of Workamper jobs require little, if any, formal training. Most of our employers do a good job of providing on-the-job training. However, there may be some instances when it would be advantageous for the job seeker to have specific training on their resumé. We will post applicable training opportunities here as they become available.

National School of RV Park & Campground Management

If you wish to pursue a career in the RV Park/Campground industry, we strongly recommend this school. National School of RV Park & Campground Management enhances the skills of its attendees through a high-quality educational program focusing on business management principles and practices as applied to the RV park and campground industry. National School brings Leading Industry Experts to provide participants with the skills and expertise needed to make positive impacts in the industry.

Phone Number:  303-681-0401
Web Address:  www.arvc.org

Reservation Software

Click here to read an article with resources to connect you with the different reservation software companies and the training they have available.

RV Basic Training

Driving RV easy is easy, let us show you how! RV BOOT CAMP is held in your RV, WE COME TO YOU! Prices start as low as $395.00 for a full day RV BOOT CAMP training session. Individualized training for motorhomes, fifth wheels, and for RVs over 40 feet. You'll review how to do safety inspections, get your mirrors set in the correct position and how to use them successfully, how to maneuver your RV to compensate for the swing out, how to keep your rig in between the lines, safe driving distance, complete successful and safe turns, parallel park your motorhome and so much more!

Phone Number:  866-976-7878
Email Address:  [email protected]
Web Address:  www.rvbasictraining.com

CPR & First Aid Certification

Learn CPR online, on your schedule. Classes from the American Red Cross take only a few short hours, but can help you save a life when every second counts. Designed for coaches, parents, adults and teenagers, our online CPR classes make it easy to gain the skills needed to respond during cardiac or breathing emergencies. Taken entirely online, these courses do not include the opportunity for you to demonstrate skill proficiency to a certified instructor, and therefore may not meet requirements for workplace safety certification. If you must complete a CPR class that allows you to do so, check out our blended Simulation Learning and classroom-based courses.

Web Address:  https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/cpr/cpr-training/cpr-online

National RV Training Academy

Become an educated RV owner, RV technician, or RV inspector via training from the National RV Training Academy located in Athens, TX. RV technical training courses at the National RV Training Academy feature hands-on training with specific subjects. The key to success for this type of accelerated learning is a small amount of classroom instruction accompanied by a large amount of hands-on lab work to properly instruct the student on how to correctly operate, troubleshoot, and repair the equipment found in today's RVs.

Phone Number:  903-386-0444
Web Address: www.nrvta.com

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