Getting Started With Reservation Software

Getting Started With Reservation Software


Reservation software is utilized in many campgrounds/RV resort offices, along with hotels and other lodging establishments, across the U.S.  Many Employers will train you on-the-job, but you can also get familiarized with the software ahead of time.  Most of the reservation software companies have some training videos/webinars or demos of their products at no charge.

RMS - The Hospitality Cloud

RMS - The Hospitality Cloud is the leading global RV and campground reservation and property management software system with over 5,000 properties in 25 countries. Customers rave about the friendly and knowledgeable support team along with the software being easy to use and affordable. RMS provides a free online, self-paced video training platform called RMS University for Workampers. RMS University includes:

  • School of Front Desk Operations (roughly 1 hour) - click here
  • School of Advanced Operations (roughly 3 hours) - click here

RMS University will train and certify you on the RMS RV and campground platform. You can then provide the certificate of completion to assist you in obtaining your next position at a campground or RV park that uses RMS.  RMS is being utilized by many individual parks and major companies including: Cruise Inn RV Parks, Sun Communities, Inc., Sunland RV Resorts, Parkbridge Lifestyle, Inc., Sunrise Resorts, and Quality RV Resorts, LLC among others.

Email Address: [email protected]
Website Address:

Digital Rez

ROS2006 Campground Reservation Software: Digital Rez is the leading supplier of campground reservation software in the USA and Canada. Their core product, ROS2000 (with newer versions through ROS2006), is installed in over 1800 campgrounds across the continent. ROS2000 is popular for its ease of use and its ability to streamline processes involved in all aspects of reservation management. For more information, or to purchase their Demonstration CDs call the number below.

Online help system

Make a Booking video

Check In/Out video

Phone Number:  800-811-5988
Email Address:  [email protected]
Web Address:

Campground Manager

Campground MANAGER Reservation Software has split into two - Astra and Classic.  The websites offer a free demo of the new Astra version, and the System Tour section has some walk-thru videos of the Classic version.

Web Address for the Classic version:

Web Address for the newer Astra version:

Camp Works Reservation Software

On their website, you can download a demo and review their slide show or video tour.

Web Address:

Campground MASTER Reservation Software

From Cottonwood Software: Campground Master is a popular choice among campgrounds and RV parks, with its emphasis on ease of use and flexibility. Free support is available from the software company so workers don't have to rely on the park management to train them or help with operation -- they can call the company directly to get help, or use the online help. To download a free fully functional demonstration and training materials, see the website below.

Phone Number:  913-522-0717
Web Address:


Rec1 - Online Recreation Management

Since 2007, REC1 has been an industry leader in Online Recreation Software. REC1 strives to provide recreation departments and their customers (the public) with a modern, intuitive interface that is powerful, well-managed, and actively supported.

Phone Number:  800-335-1863
Web Address:

CampLife (formerly Sunrise Campground Automation)

Since 2006, CampLife has created reservation and park management software exclusively for the camping industry. Its dependable online system helps parks of all sizes operate with greater ease so they can grow, reinvest in themselves, and provide memorable guest experiences. That’s why CampLife serves over 600 parks. Features like mobile check-in, digital signatures, SMS texting, work orders, and more offer convenience and keep parks agile. And dynamic pricing, site lock, remote metering, and a robust POS help drive revenue. CampLife’s clever software and award-winning coaches help operators save time, make money, and get back to doing what they love.

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