Advertising Options: Online

There are many different avenues for advertising your Workamping Opportunities. We recommend creating a marketing schedule and utilizing multiple avenues, especially if you need to hire more than a few Workampers. Read our Proactive Employer's Recruiting Schedule here.

Hotline Ads

The highly successful Hotline was created to give employers immediate access to Workampers.  The Hotline is updated each weekday (Monday through Friday). Hotline ads can be started on any weekday.

An online Hotline ad runs for two weeks at a time. When an ad is scheduled for two weeks, it is posted on the Hotline page for 14 days and it is sent in the daily Hotline email to thousands of our Workamper Diamond & Platinum members on the first day that it is published. Our Workamper Gold members will receive your ad via email in seven days, and our Workamper Intro members will receive your ad in 14 days. Thus you may see an influx of inquiries even after the first few days your ad is posted!  Our Hotline goes out to over 30,000 members!

The Hotline Jobs website page is available to our top two levels of Workamper Members (Diamond & Platinum). These members also have the option of receiving Job Alert emails, so many Workampers may receive your ad in their email inbox right after it is posted to the website.

Hotline ad cost for Employer Intro members is $79 per ad for 100 words. For Employer Gold members, 100-word Hotline ads are only $49! If your ad exceeds the 100 word limit, additional words will be billed at $1.00/additional word. Words submitted in all caps will be made lowercase.

The preferred method to submit your ad is to use the secure, online ad submit process.  In this process, you'll provide your ad text, select payment method, etc. Please be sure to include in your ad text how you would like Workampers to contact you for employment. First-time advertisers must provide credit card for payment for first ad.

Once you submit your ad, we will process your ad and send you a confirmation email.  Your ad will be posted the same day it is submitted as long as it is received before 3 p.m. Central Time, Monday-Friday.

Submit a Hotline Ad.


Featured Employer Pages

A Featured Employer page provides an employer 24/7, year-round advertising of their Workamper Opportunities.  It's a single web page that includes information you provide - which is usually an overview of your business/company, details of the Workamper Opportunities you have available, and how you would like interested Workampers to contact you to apply for your positions.  Photos showing off your facility and Workamping environment are also included, along with your logo.

These pages are open to anyone visiting, as well as all Workamper News members.   Another benefit for Featured Employers is a special banner running on the member Dashboard which is the page a user is taken to when they login to

Featured Employer pages are $799 per year.

If you would like to have your own Featured Employer page, please use the Ad Submit process to submit your request.  You will then be asked to email the text you want included on your page and all images, in a jpeg format. We will create the page for you and make it active once you have approved it.

Click here for more information about creating a Featured Employer page.

To view current Featured Employers, click here.


Banner Ads

Banner advertising is not just for the big employers with big budgets anymore!  We have one main banner ad space - a long rectangle 900x125 pixels.  Workamper News can design your banner if need be.  We charge $50/hour for design time.

Banner placement is sold by the month - $150/month. On average, your banner will see 50-75,000 impressions per month. One impression = your banner being displayed.  Banners are invoiced on a monthly basis or all at once - we will mail/email you an invoice or charge to a credit card on file.

If you are interested in running a Banner Ad, send any questions to [email protected].  Or use our online ad submit process.


WorkCamping for Charities

The Volunteer section is open to all visitors of  You can find the page by clicking on the Workamping menu item, then Job Resources. 

Non-government charitable organizations [501(c)3] may place "volunteers wanted" ads (no pay/wages) in the Volunteer Opportunities section at 100 words for no charge for 2 months at a time. These ads include one image/logo for no charge.

Click here to visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

Click here Post a WorkCamping for Charities Ad.



We have coined the word "Jobinar" to describe an event where you can make an Employment Presentation to interested potential Workampers from the comfort of your office or home.  The entire concept came about after producing the on-location Job Fairs in January 2008.  We heard from many Workampers that they would have loved to participate, but just could not get to the geographic locations where the fairs were held.  We also heard from many employers that they could not justify the expense to attend a Job Fair in distant locations.  With all of this input, we went to work on a system that would provide an opportunity for everyone, at a reduced cost that could be affordable to any size employer.

Jobinars are online-only webinar events.  We use a company called GoToMeeting.  The way it works is we setup your event online for a specific day and time - any day Monday - Friday in the afternoon.  Workampers click a link to register their attendance, and then receive an email with information and a link to click that will log them in to your Jobinar at the date and time scheduled.  Workampers can then listen to your presentation over the speakers plugged/built into their computer, or they can call in on a telephone.  On the computer screen, they will be able to see your presentation.  You can present a PowerPoint slideshow or your website if it has photos and supportive information.

A Workamper News staff member will be online with you to help you the whole way.  He/she will start the event, help you share your presentation materials, and then handle the Question and Answer section.

Attendees can type in questions during your presentation.  Once you have gone through your presentation, the WKN staff member will read aloud all the typed in questions.  Once all questions have been answered, or the one-hour time limit has been reached, the WKN staff member will end the event.

Your Jobinar will be recorded.  The recording will be made available to view on the Jobinars page in the Media Library.  The recording will be posted for a limited time, but will provide the opportunity for those who couldn't attend live to hear your presentation. We will also provide you with the list of registrants (name & email).

You can hold as many Jobinars throughout the year as you wish.  The cost for a Jobinar is $99 per event.  If you would like to hold a Jobinar, please use our online ad submit process to get your event setup. WKN must receive all info needed to setup your Jobinar 7 days or more before the date you would like to hold your Jobinar.  It's such a simple and fun way to connect with Workampers all across the country from the comfort of your own office!

Submit Your Request for a Jobinar.

NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS: Federal laws prohibit employers, with certain carefully defined exceptions, from discriminating because of race, color, religion, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation or national origin in the placement of employment advertisements. Because of the defined exceptions, publishers are not required to screen advertising for the purpose of deciding the exemption status of an employer. Workamper News reminds employers that certain discriminatory advertising could subject them to legal action and possible penalties if the employer is under the provisions of the law. Workamper News reserves the right to refuse any ad deemed inappropriate for this audience. MLM, network marketing, and “get rich quick” offers will not be accepted. New products/services subject to review. Send sample and/or documentation.


Click here to read our advice to employers/recruiters.

Click here for some help wanted text ad examples.

Click here if you'd like to advertise your business commercially (non-recruitment)

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