Featured Employer: What & How To

What: Featured Employer Pages

A Featured Employer page provides an employer 24/7, year-round advertising of their Workamper Opportunities.  This is a great option for Employers who want to have a website page to direct applicants/inquiries to to answer the FAQs about their jobs, but adding this kind of page to your own website would be too much of a hassle, time consuming, etc. (or you don't have a website at all).

A Featured Employer page is a single web page that includes information you provide which is usually an overview of your business/company, details of the Workamper Opportunities you have available, and how you would like interested Workampers to contact you to apply for your positions or move forward in the application process.  Photos showing off your facility and Workamping environment are also included, along with your logo. We can also embed any related videos or other media that provides Workampers with more info about the living and working environment you provide.

These pages are open to anyone visiting Workamper.com, as well as all Workamper News members.  We often run a Featured Employer highlight in our social media and via our Hotline, directing people to visit these pages.  We would also encourage you to mention your Featured Employer page in any additional advertising you do with us.

Another benefit for Featured Employers is a banner ad on Workamper.com.  We have a dedicated Featured Employer banner space on our member Dashboard page once a user is logged in.  When a person clicks on the banner it takes them to your FE page.  These banners are set up on a rotation basis, so yours will rotate with other FEs.  We create the banner from images/text from your page.

A Featured Employer page is a chance for you to put out more specific information about your Workamper program/opportunities. View the currently running Featured Employer pages to see some examples by clicking here.

Featured Employer pages are $799 per year. The 365 days start when we activate your page.

Benefits provided to Featured Employers:

  • Featured Employer web page on Workamper.com
  • A unique and easy URL - i.e. www.workamper.com/xyzcamp
  • FE Banner in rotation on Workamper.com that links to your FE page
  • Inclusion in Featured Employer mentions in Hotline email header (updated daily)
  • Inclusion in Featured Employer highlights on our social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Be featured in an episode of our podcast, The Workamper Show

How To: Featured Employer Pages

If you would like to have your own Featured Employer page, please send an email to [email protected] or use the online ad submit process to send your request. You will need to email the text you want included on your page and the images you would like to include, plus a link to any video you'd like to embed.  Images should be in a jpeg format.  We will create the page for you and make it active once you have approved it.

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