RV Retirement in the 21st Century


How to Live and Travel in a Recreational Vehicle. Ah, retirement dreams! We look forward to that time of life when we won’t have to report to work every day, when we can kick back, relax and enjoy “the good life.”

For many of us, travel is on the list of retirement dreams. We want to be adventurous, travel to places we’ve always wanted to see, return to places where we vacationed in the past and visit friends and relatives in far off states.

RV Retirement was written by a retiree in an RV. It has been compiled to share the knowledge, experience and skills developed while spending retirement years in an RV. The book is for RV “newbies” and for RV retirement “wannabies.” If you are new to RVing or want to use an RV when you retire, this is the book for you.

Second Edition. Paperback. 142 pages. Written by Jane Kenny.

September 6, 2023

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