Workamping Q&A #13 - Your Questions Answered

[January 2023 Q&A Session]  Have questions about Workamping and RVing? Listen in to this recorded webinar to get your questions answered by the creators and leaders of the Workamping industry - Workamper News

In this session, we discuss:
00:00 Welcome
4:45 Interested in part-time hours. What positions might offer this option?
11:02 Remote jobs and internet service on the road
15:35 Clarify tour companies and publishing companies and a remote work resource
18:33 Finding non-traditional gigs that are short-term
21:40 How to look at Workamper job listings
27:05 When to look for jobs / typical seasonality of Workamping jobs
30:00 When will ads for winter 2023-24 appear?
31:27 Seasonal positions on an island
32:00 Can I sort help wanted ads by state and look at them on a map
36:50 How do I start without experience?
41:28 How do I create the best resume to stand out? (P.S. I forgot to discuss having verified work history on your resume. Contact us with questions on that.)
57:25 Emailing your Workamper resume or exporting to PDF
58:14 Specifics for van Workamping / are there restrictions on types of RV a Workamper can have
1:03:20 How are most Workampers paid?
1:08:35 Can I Workamp and still make enough to pay debts?
1:11:47 How do Workampers initially set up their domicile state? Where do most Workampers domicile?
1:15:09 How do most handle health insurance (non-Medicare)?
1:18:04 What is the main reason for choosing a campground?
1:19:05 Is KOA state ran?
1:19:31 Does CA State Parks test for marijuana?
1:19:45 Will people on site help me learn to RV?
1:22:29 Encouragement/help with decision to go full-time into RVing
1:29:28 Wrap Up


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