Workamping Q&A #12 - Your Questions Answered

[December 2022 Q&A Session] Have questions about Workamping and RVing? Listen in to this recorded webinar to get your questions answered by the creators and leaders of the Workamping industry.

In this session, we discuss:

00:00 Welcome
01:12 How Workamper News helps Workampers
04:10 What kind of jobs are available?
11:01 Where are these jobs?
11:35 For how long?
16:30 What is the compensation?
18:45 What is a good first Workamping job?
21:03 Are there Workamping jobs that do not include physical labor or would be okay for someone who is disabled?
23:47 Are there jobs for solos?
28:20 If there are two of us in the RV, can just one work a job?
29:27 Process of finding a job
41:05 Advertising yourself to Workampers via a resume and following up
57:43 Making a resume that stands out
1:00:59 What questions to ask an Employer during an interview
1:09:20 What should be included in a work agreement?
1:12:33 What are the tax implications of a Workamping job?
1:17:03 Are there Workamping jobs in Canada?
1:19:19 As an RVer, how do I handle my mail?
1:23:02 Wrap Up



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