Your Commitment Matters

The Workamping lifestyle is one that warrants freedom and fun. But that's not just all it is. Workampers provide a service that businesses count on. Many operations cannot run without Workampers, and they do not have a local labor pool to hire from.

This is why it is important for Workampers to keep the commitments that they make. Every year, we hear rumblings about Workampers not following through on their job commitments. We receive emails like this...

--"Just thought I’d take a moment to let you know about a disturbing trend we’ve noticed over the last three or four years: Workampers who accept jobs, make a commitment and then bail out, usually without even letting us know.

Four of the couples we’ve hired have not followed through on a request we made to them after they accepted the job, and when I contacted these Workampers, they said they’d decided to go somewhere else. If I had not called them, we would not have known they had bailed out until the time they were supposed to arrive.

We hire employees – we’ll have about 10 Workamper couples this year – very carefully to make sure they get the hours they are promised but are not overworked. Cancellations cause big problems, as you can imagine.

This trend has occurred over the last several years, primarily with the baby boomer generation, of which I am one. A decade ago, it virtually never happened. It results in our having to go back out and seek other people, which of course is time consuming, and many people have now already accepted other jobs."--

These business owners are people just like you - often running a business they are passionate about, but knowing they can't succeed without some help. Workampers can be a part of that success.

Yes, we know the flip side exists - there are Employers out there who have not kept their commitment made to a Workamper. But that does not make it okay for Workampers to not follow through on their commitments or be untruthful.

Be the Workamper that causes an Employer to send us an email about how awesome their Workampers are. Help keep the image of Workampers a positive one.

Thanks for reading,

- Jody, WKN Editor

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