Thinking Outside the Typical Workamping Box

Think outside the box! Workamping is doing any kind of part-time or full-time work while living in an RV. Therefore, in the Workamping community, you'll find a wide variety of industries and positions.

Don't get stuck thinking your only opportunities are with RV parks and campgrounds. If working in that type of environment does not sound like your "cup of tea" then you're in luck.

Here are just a few of the "outside the norm" Employers that have used the Workamper News system to find their Workampers:

  • Animal sanctuary/rescue
  • Children's home and summer camp
  • Storage facility
  • Traveling mobile laundry service
  • Gated community with a golf course and clubhouse
  • Jackson Hewitt tax service
  • Print & internet publishing & marketing company
  • Sign company
  • RV dealership
  • Shooting complex
  • Guest dude ranch
  • Utility company 
  • Sanitation fleet service
  • Festivals and rodeos
  • Travel centers
  • Food truck company

Recruiting happens year-round! To open yourself up to the largest array of opportunities, we recommend taking these steps:

  1. Become a member of
  2. Review the job listings via these avenues
  3. Connect with Employers who never advertise their jobs by creating a resume* and updating it often.

Select the top few listings based on your preferences and follow their instructions for applying. Then it's time to research - peruse Workamper feedback on specific employers in our Praise Your Employer* or Workamper Experiences* sections. Use the Member Map* to communicate with Workampers in that location. Read customer reviews posted online.

When you make contact with a potential employer, make sure you get enough information to fully understand what will be expected of you (specific duties, hours, days off, wages, benefits, insurance, training, supervision, start/end dates, etc.) and ask the employer for the details of the opportunity in writing.

Remember, Workamping is about enjoying the RV lifestyle to its fullest! It's your time to try new things, explore new industries, and learn new skills. Best of all, meet new people and build lasting relationships in places you've always wanted to explore.

Get started by becoming a member today! We'll help you fill in all the details to make the most of your Workamping adventures.

*Requires Workamper Diamond or Platinum membership.


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