New Job Search Fields Coming Soon!

COMING SOON - The Most Robust Options for Searching Workamper Jobs

The Workamper News ( Hotline Jobs page displays new Workamper job listings submitted in the last 14 days. Not only do we have the most Workamper job listings anywhere, but they will soon be even easier to search through to find the opportunities that are closer to a match for you.

We are requiring Employers to answer some specific questions when submitting their help wanted ad. When you use our new search fields, all of the ads have the potential to match your criteria (instead of just the ads where the Employers happened to mention those items in their ad text).

You can choose to organize your search results by state or by the date the ad was posted.

New Search Options To Include:

  • Select one or more states 
  • Solos considered 
  • RV site available 
  • Other housing available 
  • All hours paid 
  • No monetary compensation (for those seeking a site-trade only) 
  • Job start date (pick which month you’re seeking to start a job) 
  • Jobs that start immediately 

Features That Are Staying: 

  • links to employer reviews 
  • keyword search 
  • sort by state 
  • easy-to-find contact info 
  • no filler/junk banners ever! 

These new information fields will be displayed with each Hotline ad posted to our website, and they will also be displayed with the ad in our daily Hotline Jobs email (and Job Alert emails too!).

The Hotline Jobs website page is available to Diamond and Platinum members of  The daily Hotline Jobs email is available to any level member of (including free intro members, though the ads are 14 days old).

We are working on these enhancements now and not waiting until the all-new version of is ready to launch (early 2023)!  We hope to have these new search options available to our Workamper members in May. Please stay tuned to our social media channels and the daily Hotline Jobs email for further announcements. 

July 17, 2024

New Version of is getting closer to launch!


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