New Featured Employer: Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

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Introducing the newest Featured Employer - Jackson Hewitt Tax Services

From their page:

At Jackson Hewitt, we know taxes. With over 40 years of industry experience and our name on over 60 million returns, we are the local go-to experts in doing taxes for the hardest-working Americans. We're a national company with a small-town heart and we operate our 5,200 locations, as well as our desks in 2,622 Walmart stores, with a passion for every community we serve. But it's our Tax Pros who are the real heroes.

If you've been looking to make extra income without having to commit to a permanent location or strict schedule, apply online, give us a call, or visit your nearest Jackson Hewitt. Each location offers unique benefits and mentor programs, plus many other perks to set you up for unlimited success as a Tax Pro.

Search for Tax Pro roles, office and administrative jobs at your local Jackson Hewitt and find work that works for you.

Learn more by visiting their Featured Employer page here.

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