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ID Plans became a Featured Employer to share more details about their opportunities with you!

From their page:

Attention detail-oriented explorers!

ID Plans seeks data rockstars to travel the country, surveying commercial properties.

For over 25 years, ID Plans has hired teams of RVers to trek across the country performing physical surveys of commercial real estate properties, primarily at retail locations, like malls or strip shopping centers.

The teams confirm and record all the assets on the property. It might be the location of light poles in the parking lot to the types of air handling equipment on the roof and even the position of security cameras.

The information is very useful to property owners who may not be within driving distance of the site.

You must have a motorhome for this assignment because most of the commercial properties won’t allow a travel trailer or fifth wheel to be set up onsite for aesthetic reasons, but a motorhome can be conspicuously tucked away behind a building.

The full-time contracted positions are semi-seasonal in that work can’t be done in the winter months up north, but then the teams simply transition to warmer climates for the winter.

Generally, people can make from $1,000 to $2,000 per week. The compensation formula is based on the square footage of the commercial property and assigns an amount to each item that must be documented whether it is an air handling unit or a sprinkler head.

Learn more by visiting their Featured Employer page here.

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