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Become an Awesome Applicant!  Use our step-by-step builder tool to create and maintain an awesome resume geared specifically towards Workamping.  Once complete, your resume will be stored in our online database searchable by hundreds of Workamper employers!

Some employers never advertise their Workamping positions - they find all of their staff in the Awesome Applicants Resume Database!

To open yourself up to even more opportunities, it's important to think about marketing yourself by having an online resume out there and working for you all the time.  As a Workamper Gold member, you can create and maintain your resume using the Resume Builder here at Workamper.com. There is a section for you to enter your Availability Date, so you can keep your resume active in the database all the time.

There is also a box you can check to have your resume hidden from the database if you do not want to be contacted, but we recommend just updating it to the next season you're available. Employers can sort their search results by availability date and by the date you last edited your resume, so be sure to update often!

The Resume Builder is a step-by-step tool. You will see each step in a tab along the top. On the Resume Home tab, you will see a button to email your resume and print your resume if you need to mail or fax a hard copy. Also shown is how many times your resume has been viewed, and when your resume was last updated. The Preview button will show you how Employers will see your resume.

A Workamping resume doesn't need to be as robust as the resume you likely used in your career. There are many skills you acquired during your career and in your home life that can be utilized in a future Workamping position.  Review lots of Workamper 'help wanted' advertising to see the variety of positions and duties available. Tailor your resume to highlight your skills and objectives towards the types of positions that most appeal to you.

Resources to Help With Your Resume Content:

  • Articles - Click on Article Index from the drop down menu when mousing over the Workamping menu.
  • When you’re in the AA Resume Builder tool, go to the Sell Yourself section and there’s a button to click to view a sample.
  • Recorded webinars - visit the Media Library. Click on Topic on the left and select Resume Tips from the dropdown list then click Search button.
  • Workamper Marketing 101 - online course from WKN Pres. Steve Anderson. Gold members can view the course anytime via My University button on their Dashboard. Also available in the Store.
  • Online course and Resume Makeovers from Jaimie in Store - WK University

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