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This benefit is for current Workamper Platinum members only.

Workamper News will verify your past Workamping jobs that you list on your Awesome Applicants Resume.

You will submit a request to us to verify a Work History entry on your resume. We will then contact the Employer via the contact info that you provide us. We will confirm with the Employer that you worked for them for the time frame that you entered.  If the Employer confirms this information to be true, that entry in your Work History section will show “Verified: Yes.”

You are welcome to submit requests for us to verify your Work History any time as long as you are a current Workamper Platinum member and you have filled out your Awesome Applicants Resume using the Resume Builder tool.  But, we will only verify Workamping jobs that you have completed within the last two years.  Please do not request to verify a job that you are currently doing.  We will verify up to six job history entries per year per resume.

We will do our best to complete your verification request as quickly as possible. The time it takes to confirm or disapprove verification will vary depending upon how soon the Employer responds to us.  We will send you an email to the email address on your membership account to let you know when we have heard from the Employer, and if we have confirmed or disapproved the verification request.

This is all done here on  When logged in, go to the Resume Builder tool. You’ll find a button for it on the Dashboard (with all of the orange buttons).

Go to the History tab/section of the Resume Builder.  Here is where you add your previous Workamping jobs and where you’ll submit a request to verify an entry.

Employers are regularly searching our Awesome Applicants Resume Database to help fill their staffing needs.  Employers usually prefer to see work history or references on resumes.  If this information is already on the resume, the step of having to request this information from the applicant is removed - thus saving the Employer precious time.

Then, taking that a step further, showing that these Work History entries have been verified by a third party - well, that’s basically a shining star on your resume.  It is more likely that you will be contacted because you have taken the extra time to save the Employer some time.

Our Employer members have different criteria fields in the resume database that they can use to narrow down their results. One of the criteria is a checkbox to only show resumes that have verified Work History entries.  You want your resume to show up as often as possible, so having verified Work History entries will help ensure that happens.

1- In the Resume Builder tool, you’ll see the different sections of the builder tool as tabs across the top. You need to fill out at least the first four sections of the Resume Builder to have your resume be available in the database searched by Employers.  So, make sure you have the Applicant, Availability, Settings, and Locations sections completed - at minimum.

2- Go to the History tab/section of the Resume Builder.  Follow the instructions on the page to add an entry.  Be sure to include the dates that you worked there.

3- Once the entry is added and saved to your resume, you can then submit your request to have us verify it by checking the box in the “Request for Verification” column next to the entry that you want us to verify.

4- When you click on the box it will pop up a window where you can then enter the contact person’s name and phone number (please do not put your own contact information). You can again enter your work dates as well. Then click the Submit button. Please wait a moment.  Once you are redirected to the Home tab/section of the builder tool, your submission has been completed.

We will go to work getting your Work History entry verified. We will contact you if we have any questions/problems, and when we have the result of your verification.

To see that your Work History entry has been verified, please go to the Home tab/section of the Resume Builder tool. Click on the “View Resume” button. Scroll down to the Work History section and you will see “Verified: Yes” on the entry we were able to verify.

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