Was this really work or a vacation?

Judy and I are about to leave Arrowhead Point in Buena Vista, CO. We accepted the position because it is about two hours from our daughter and her husband, we knew it would be cooler, and this was on our bucket list. I was surprised that we had so much to keep us busy. Maybe I thought – clean up the campsites, then wait to help people into the clean sites. Oh my, the owners, Joe and Cathy, really know how to run a good campground. Before long I was into finishing one chore and going on to the next chore, and a real variety, but it was making Arrowhead a better place to be at. Morning duties were work to get the campground tidied up for the next round of guests, and fulfilling just to have some constructive teamwork. Sort of like completing a day of yardwork at home and feeling good about what we accomplished. Then if I had the 3 to 8 pm shift, it felt good to serve others in getting into their site safely.

So thanks to all of you that worked so hard at the Workamper Rendezvous event last fall. Your work and just visiting with other experienced Workampers really turned us on to this lifestyle. Then working for Joe and Cathy was fantastic, and being a couple of hours away from our daughter was icing on the cake.

- Workamper Rex L.

July 17, 2024

New Version of Workamper.com is getting closer to launch!


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