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edit Workamper News Magazine - Printed Version (Mail)

Receive issues right to your mailbox to get the latest Workamping articles, job listings, and recruit Workampers from the Situations Wanted section.

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edit Workamper News Magazine - Digital Version (Online)

Find work-wanted ads from Workampers in each issue, plus see what other Employers are advertising. Each issue of our magazine since 2006 is placed online for those who prefer no mail. Employer Intro members can access one past issue. Employer Gold members can access the full archive.

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edit View Hotline Jobs Page & Email

The Hotline is one of many advertising avenues for Employers. Access the Hotline Jobs webpage to view ads from the last 14 days, and receive the daily Hotline email to see your published ad or ads from other Employers.


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edit Article Index

Articles on aspects of recruiting, interviewing, hiring and retaining Workampers.

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edit Employer Newsletter

Bi-monthly newsletter including articles and tips for recruiters of Workampers. Online archive of past issues plus new issues in the mail.

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edit Media Library

Audio, Video and recorded webinars to help you learn about developing a successful Workamping program.

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edit Facebook Group for Employers

Join us on Facebook and connect to a community of operations that hire Workampers. Pose questions, learn more about recruiting, and connect!

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edit View Situations Wanted Ads - Printed in Magazine

Situations Wanted ads are "work wanted" ads ran by our Workamper members. View these ads in the Classifieds section of each issue of Workamper News magazine.  Employer Intro members can view the current issue of the magazine online to reveiw these listings.  Employer Gold members can view any issue of the magazine in the online archive, or look at the printed copy mailed to them.

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edit View Situations Wanted Ads - Online Listings

View additional Situations Wanted ads published online, and these online ads often include a link right to the Workamper's Awesome Applicants Resume.  These Situation Wanted Online (SWO) Ads are posted to their own page on the website.  Employer Golds can view them and make contact with the Workampers that sound like a match for their opportunities.


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edit Awesome Applicants Resume Database

Search this popular online resume database to recruit some Awesome Applicants. Save, rate and print resumes.

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edit Half-Price Plain Text Help Wanted Ads in Magazine

Our bi-monthly magazine is one of the most well-known sources for help wanted listings. The magazine is mailed to Gold members and is also placed online in the archive. The current issue is free to view online. Ad cost for plain text ads for Employer Intro is $1.00/word, and $0.50/word for Employer Gold.

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edit $30 Discount on Every Online Hotline Ad

Hotline ads are online-only help wanted ads. These ads run for 14 days on our website and are sent in the daily Hotline email to thousands of our Workamper members. Hotline ad cost for Employer Intro is $79/ad for up to 100 words. For Employer Gold members, 100-word Hotline ads are only $49!

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edit Create Your Employer Tour

Show off your Workamping environment with this online profile that includes a description and photos. A great supplement to your advertising.

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edit View Praise Your Employer

Encourage your current or past Workampers to share about their experience with your operation. View this tool to see how many stars have been awarded for your operation.

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edit Workamper Experience Reviews

Get your Workamping staff to post a review of their experience Workamping for you and it will be displayed for other Workamper members to see and learn about your operation!

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edit Online Course - No More Mystery Dates

Take the mystery out of hiring Workampers with this course!  These 5 modules take you all the way through the process of finding the right Workampers for your positions.  Available to Employer Golds.

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edit Online Course - Creating a WOW Workamping Experience

This online course will help you kick-start your Workamper program, or re-vamp your current Workamper program. Employer Intro members have access to the first section as a preview.  Employer Golds can access the entire course.

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edit Featured in Workamper Podcast

Share about your Workamper opportunities in an episode of The Workamper Show Podcast! A quick interview with our host provides a long-term ad for you.

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