Workamping Q&A #8 - Your Questions Answered

In this session, we discuss:

02:26 Workamper News is the best toolkit
4:31 About Workamper Show Podcast
5:26 Instructions for live webinar attendees
6:25 How to get started with finding a job
6:42 What is Workamping; types of jobs
12:16 How do I find a job?
15:08 Best way to connect with Workamping jobs online
23:00 How to make a Workamper resume
27:58 What if I have no experience?
30:34 Securing a job in the winter months; when to start applying?
33:55 I am over 70 years old. Is this too old to be hired?
35:38 Are there jobs for solo Workampers?
41:37 Workamping opportunities with a dog
45:38 Are there jobs that are less physical?
47:12 What kind of RV do I need for Workamping?
1:02:00 Is there really time to explore the local area when at a Workamping job?
1:05:15 How can I find qualified RV repair service?
1:09:06 Tax benefits of operating a small business on the road
1:16:01 How do you establish a home base or domicile?
1:20:13 Internet connectivity options
1:23:25 Where to put prior job experiences on my resume?
1:26:28 If a Workamper has to pay for an RV site, is the cost the same as it is for customers?
1:28:50 What can we do to get hired?
1:29:46 Wrap up



National RV Training Academy -
RV Inspector and RV Tech Finder -
RV Tech Locator -
Mobile RV Repair Companies Facebook Group -
Workamper Rendezvous Live Event -
Mark Kohler Accountant/Attorney - (It looks like he has discontinued the Tax & Legal video library, so check out his books, radio show, blog for more info.)
RV Mobile Internet Center -



Apologies that we did not answer the question, "Do I need a towed vehicle?" It will depend. If an RV site is provided by the Employer, the site may or may not be at the work location. Some positions will require use of a personal vehicle to either get to the work location or to do the work required. You will want to make sure to get the details from the Employer.

Another logistical thing to think about, if you do not have a tow/towed vehicle, how will you go and get groceries, go out to eat, explore businesses and attractions in the area? Is there easy access to taxis, driving services, or public transportation in the area? If you're in a motorhome, are you okay 'breaking camp' every time you want to venture off the property?

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