Workamping Q&A #10 - Your Questions Answered

In this session, we discuss:

00:00 Welcome
02:21 How Workamper News helps Workampers
5:00 Where can I get info ahead of time so we can put a plan together for the near future?
14:00 How do I find a Workamping job? Timing. Best practices.
19:50 Using to review job listings
29:50 What questions should I ask to an Employer
34:36 What if I have no prior Workamping experience?
37:00 I see ads for a full season. Are there positions for maybe a month of that?
40:18 How to apply for manager jobs? What experience do they need?
42:24 How do I create a Workamper resume?
50:12 Where are the locations for Amazon Camperforce and DigiKey?
52:06 Will I be treated differently at a job that pays wages versus volunteer-only jobs?
57:00 Do employers sometimes change their expectations? How can work agreements be enforced?
1:07:39 Are 55-plus RV resorts open to Workampers having kids?
1:10:00 How do you work and homeschool kids while on the road?
1:12:27 What options are there for health insurance?
1:14:55 We've had 34 views of our resume, but no offers. How can we get our first job?
1:18:59 Pros and cons of keeping and selling our sticks and bricks house
1:24:10 What is available for free at
1:26:40 Wrap up



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