Welcome to the New Workamper.com

Welcome to the new Workamper.com!

Workamper News has been working for some time now to bring itself further into today's technologies. The former face of Workamper.com was launched back in 2007, so it was time for a facelift! The backend systems of Workamper News were a string of systems developed over more than 20 years that has now been brought together into one.

With this huge undertaking, we were hoping to make everyone's - WKN members and WKN staff - lives easier.  We believe the new site's navigation and organization will make it easier to find what you are looking for.  The Article Index and Media Library combines what used to be multiple pages.  Employers will be able to see their advertising history, making the process of submitting an ad easier.  And more!

This changeup should also make this site more tablet and smart phone friendly.  The site will adjust to your device's screen size, and functionality of all the tools should be available on your device.

As with any change, there will be some hiccups.  We have worked with a great team to get the site running, but know that we still have more to do.  Please understand that not every nook and cranny of the site is complete, and we'll be rounding out all the edges as we can.  But all of your member tools should be in place and working for you.

We hope you enjoy the new site, and if you're having trouble please feel free to contact us!

Workampingly Yours,

WKN Staff

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