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The New Issue of Workamper Magazine is now available online.

The newest issue of Workamper News Magazine has been shipped to thousands of RVers across the country and in Canada- but you don’t have to wait for your copy to arrive in the mailbox! Login to your account at to view the new issue now or click the picture below!

This issue fills the need for information and inspiration for all those who plan to take the adventurous trip to Alaska someday! And with so many jobs available in the Last Frontier- someday could be sooner than you think! Alaska Employers are leaning more heavily on Workampers coming from the lower 48 to fill positions previously filled by J-1 visa holders. Workampers looking to make the trek, will need to plan and prepare for a trip of a lifetime- planning the route, stops, activities and more!

Also included in this issue, is an exclusive interview with Workamper couple Lace & Cindy Waldron, who took a job advertised earlier this year on our Job Hotline, to work at the Green Iguana Hotel in St. Thomas. As newbie Workampers on their first official assignment, they found themselves in the eye of Hurricane Irma! Read the details of their experience and think about what bravery it took to stay put on a tiny island anticipated to suffer a direct hit from a category 5 storm.

The November/December issue will include numerous Workamper Employers looking for Workampers to fill positions this Winter, Spring & Summer 2018! A variety of jobs are advertised from basic campground hosting to jobs at wineries, resorts, and even retail & lodging locations in Yellowstone National Park!

Online, both Intro Members (100% FREE) and Gold Members can access the current issue. Gold Members have the added ability to further research jobs and opportunities in the archive of over 60 back issues, at their disposal!

If you’re just starting your job search, or if you’re planning for several future seasons- this issue is one not to be missed! It’s the start of the recruiting season and the flood of opportunities is just beginning!


Happy Workamping!

Sharee Collier
Editor/Director of Operations

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