New Issue Online Now! May/June 2018

The new issue of Workamper News magazine is now available! Members can view featured content, help wanted ads, and more in the 50+page lifestyle magazine for people who work and travel. 

The third issue of the 2018 features a variety of content to keep readers interests peaked with a special focus on the Unbeetable Experience, where Sharee Collier, Director of Operations for Workamper News details the ins and outs of this Workamping experience! 

10 Tips For 1st Timers by Levi & Natalie Henley

The Henley's provide useful tips for first timers heading to the Sugar Beet Harvest on everything from what to wear down to how to come prepared! Read along and grab some tips before you make the trip to Harvest this season! 

In addition to good reads, Workampers looking for jobs for upcoming seasons will have over plenty of ads to choose from as this issue is packed with Employers looking to find hire!

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