New Health Insurance Resources for RVers

We recently updated a Frequently Asked Question by Workampers --> What do Workampers do about health insurance?

Here's the update from our Workamper FAQ page:

There are some Workamper jobs that include insurance, but not many.  The health insurance arena in the U.S. today is ever-changing, and here are a few resources to assist you.

Some Workampers who are not self-insured, on Medicare, or still covered by a former employer, will seek out some sort of group coverage through membership in an organization.  Group coverage is usually, but not always, cheaper than an individual policy. Also, even if you find an affordable plan, there is the problem that your rates can go up at any time. This makes it extremely difficult for a prospective Workamper to plan a budget.

1. [Closed as of Nov 2023] Nomad Insurance Group. Operated by RVers, for RVers. Custom-tailored plans with nationwide coverage.

2. Being in multiple RVer/Workamper groups on Facebook, here are some posts we've compiled from when other RVers posed a question about health insurance. These are postings from folks on Facebook…so we can’t speak to the validity, but they may prove helpful for you.

"Check eHealthInsurance, they found us affordable policies." (We googled this – is their website and phone is 844-229-4337.)

"We use Liberty Health Share." (Again, we googled. is their website and phone is 855-585-4237. This website claims being enrolled in health care sharing removes your requirement to purchase health insurance under the healthcare mandate. is another one that was mentioned.)

"Find a health insurance broker in your state. They are not affiliated with any insurance companies and should give you the straight answer on how much insurance will be for your age, state, and income."

And then someone else replied with – "HealthMarkets" and a link to - 800-827-9990.

3. Check out the Escapees RV Club - Review their Information Kit (PDF). It says they have Specialty programs by Escapees-endorsed vendors including health insurance.  Another one of their websites - - has information and counselors you can get started with by requesting a quote.

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