10 Tips to Nail Your Phone Interview

Don’t Sell Yourself Short: Nail Your Phone Interview Every Time

It’s GroundHogs Day and Phil has seen his shadow. That means there’s good news and bad news…

The Good News: You still have time to find your next Workamping Job!

The Bad News:  The prediction has been made for 6 more weeks of Winter!

Spruce up your resume and check the hotline. Send those babies out and when the employer calls, be ready for an interview. I know. I know! The thought of doing all those phone interviews can sometimes be a drag, but here are 10 tips on how to Nail Your Phone Interview Every Time!

10 Tips to Nail Your Phone Interview:

1. Keep your resume in clear view - on the top of your desk or tape it to the wall near the phone - so it’s at your fingertips when you need to answer questions.

2. Have a pen and paper handy for note taking.

3. Turn call-waiting off so your call isn’t interrupted.

4. If the time isn’t convenient, ask if you could talk at another time and suggest some alternatives.

5. Clear the room - evict others and the pets. Turn off the stereo and the TV. Close the door.

6. Unless you’re sure your cell phone service is going to be perfect, consider using a landline rather than your cell phone to avoid a dropped call or static on the line.

7. Don’t smoke, chew gum, eat, or drink. But do keep a glass of water handy, in case you need to wet your mouth.

8. Smile. Smiling will project a positive image to the listener and will change the tone of your voice.

9. Speak slowly and enunciate clearly.

10. Take your time - it’s perfectly acceptable to take a moment or two to collect your thoughts.

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