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Imagine, Being Able To Make Money
Wherever You Are or Wherever You Want to Be

Steve Anderson - Workamper News PresidentOver the past 29 years, we’ve helped a lot of Workampers secure ways to generate needed income, and we’re very proud of that. But many within our Workamper community who desire to travel more often from spot to spot, always have to find something new to do. That can make having a needed steady income really difficult. I’ve had my eyes open for just the right opportunity that could go places just like Workampers do, to provide that needed continuity of income regardless of where you end up next.

I think I’ve finally found it. I want to introduce you to a whole new way of making money while enjoying the freedom only the RV Lifestyle provides. It’s called the RentWizard Ambassador Program and it could be exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

RentWizard Ambassadors have a unique opportunity to grow a sustainable recurring income within the RV industry, on your own terms, wherever the road may take you. Ambassadors simply introduce RV Owners to the income and tax advantages that come from listing their RV for rent on RentWizard. There’s no pressure, no selling and no stress. The RentWizard website does all the hard work for you.

Go to to find out if becoming a RentWizard Ambassador makes sense for your financial and lifestyle goals. It’s easy and inexpensive to get started and you can start making substantial money immediately. If you decide this opportunity is right for you, be sure to use Promo Code: WKNEWS to get an extra 6 months free!

One last thing, your success is 100% Guaranteed, so there’s no risk. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

– Steve Anderson, Workamper News President

Watch this Video and Decide If RentWizard is Right for You!


Recorded webinar from August 2016 with Ric Jarret, Founder of Rent Wizard and Steve Anderson
(Note: The offer made by Steve regarding a bonus year of Workamper Gold membership was available for 48 hours,
Aug 30 - Sept 1, 2016 only.)



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