Workamper Tax Pro Secrets (DVD)


- DVD Course -

The RV Tax Master promises to provide you with RV living tax knowledge, so you'll be keeping the money that's supposed to be yours, with no fear of an IRS audit! Now this is excellent news for YOU, since most RVers don't seek out tax consulting assistance.

You are going to learn how to use the tax laws to your advantage and play within the IRS rules. Those who don't will become worthy targets for the IRS.

Are you ready to send less tax money to the IRS by learning how to take the maximum deductions and expenses while living the Workamping lifestyle? The RV Tax Master can help you, if you're ready to save yourself money now and in the future. Learn about your best domicile options, tax deductions and your home base!

All three sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and are available to view at your convenience.

DVD format: Recommended for folks with slower (or no) internet connection. Set includes 3 DVDs to watch on your computer or TV, plus 1 CD containing additional course materials.

Also available in Online format:  Once you complete your transaction, George's course will be added to your "My University Courses" section.  You can access this from your Dashboard when logged in at  All videos and materials will be available for your review at your convenience.

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