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"Gate Guarding was a game changer!"

Jes' Story

My partner and I devoted nearly 3 years to building out an old school bus to pursue our dreams of travel. But just as we were finishing up, Covid hit. The service industry, our industry, was the first to shut down: something we never thought possible! Panic set in...

Luckily, my partner is an avid researcher. He came across Gate Guarding on one of his many sleepless nights. The message across all platforms was clear: JG Security was the company to work with.

When we were ready, we made the call. And the JG team did not dissapoint! Justin was always available to guide us! Within 2 days, we were on a gate and accruing our first paycheck. We never went unpaid, their response times to equipment issues were always impressive, and the experience with the office staff was always extremely pleasant and knowledgeable! Fastforward, after getting ourselves out of debt, making some upgrades, and saving up over a few months, we hit the road. We were finally able to take the trip of a lifetime, a 6 month expedition around the country during some of the highest prices in history.

Gate Guarding was a total game changer! THANK YOU, JG!

Jes and her partner Derek now work in our office as our Onboarding Specialist and Shop Foreman, helping other Workampers like you, aspiring or seasoned, to acheive their financial goals via Gate Guarding!

So what exactly do Gate Guards do?

Gate guards are appointed at the entry and/or exit points of properties and work sites to perform some or all of the following duties:

  • Provide Access Control Services: Logging the entering and exiting vehicles by license plate, driver and company.
  • Enforcing Property Rules, including the speed limit, any sound or waste ordinances, & protecting the integrity of the property.
  • Cattle Watch: Ensuring the livestock present remains within their barriers.
  • Directing Traffic: Providing directions to those approaching, and proactively instructing vehicles when traffic is backed up.
  • Observation and Reporting: Though licensed as security officers, our guards are only responsible for Observing and Reporting, not apprehending and detaining.

Is the license hard to get?

No! The Level 2 Security License required to perform gate guarding is very easily obtained as it's almost completely online! It can take as little as 2 days to complete, is good for 2 years, and is renewed online!

Our Onboarding team helps to guide you every step of the way!

Who can be a Gate Guard?

Though they're few, there are applicable qualifications:

  • Everyone on the work site MUST be 18 or older AND licensed.
  • Applicants MUST provide their own partner, RV, AND separate vehicle besides the RV.
    • Scooters and Motorcycles are NOT sufficient.
  • Each team member MUST have a valid, US-issued driver's license or ID.
  • Applicants MUST be able to pass a background check.
  • We pay only via direct deposit, so applicants need to have a bank account or card capable of receiving such.
  • We pay only via direct deposit, so applicants need to have a bank account or card capable of receiving such.
  • Most domestic pets (dogs and cats) are permitted, with few exceptions.
    • Exotic pets, such as wild animals or livestock will NOT be permitted by our clients.

Who has the best success Gate Guarding?

Our guards that have experienced the most success have had or practice the following:

  • Team members had cohabitated in an RV or tiny home for at least 6 months prior.
  • Came prepared with their own internet solution, as our service area is vast!
    • Starlink is VERY popular among gate guards!
  • Applicants had an "Open Road, Open Mind" kind of attitude.
    • Gate guarding can be a little more fluid than most other Workamping. Being flexible is a must!
  • Had at least 1-2 months available.
    • Our gates' start and end dates are based on our clients' needs.
  • Had been looking for a family to call home, even if for just a few months of the year!

What is the season?

While we do have active gates all year round, our main hiring season is May-September.

Where are your gates?

Though we entertain contracts nationwide, our main service area is Texas, bleeding into the NM and LA borders. We are also licensed in OK, AZ, AR, WV, and have a few others pending!

Can I pick my gate?

We generally don't have a multitude of gates sitting open from which our guards can choose. Getting very little notice on gates, we get folks licensed and onboarded, and then deploy the RV Teams as the calls come in!

Is the RV site included?

Yes! Our live-on-site gates will have a place for you to park the RV, and we will supply a support trailer, equipped with a 12KWH generator, fuel, water, and septic.

*Gate arrangements can vary. 12-hour gates and those with guard offices are generally not park-on-site*

What are the hours?

Our guards live onsite for the duration of the project. One person is accountable to the gate at all times of the day and night. Hours actively worked will depend on the traffic of that particular project, but usually fall between 6 - 12 hours a day between 2 people.

Where do we start!?

Our application asks all of the questions pertinent to placement and preferences! This is the most efficient way to get in touch with our onboarding team!

Apply Today!