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Is this YOU?

Do you HAVE the ‘We Can Do It!’ attitude? This is for the Lady that is past the dreaming stage. This is for the Lady who has made the decision – that NOW is the time...

  • To be Independent – Learn how to achieve the INDEPENDENCE you deserve
  • To be Confident – Learn how to build your CONFIDENCE as you build your skills
  • To Save Money – Learn how to SAVE MONEY on your DIY RV Maintenance
  • To have Satisfaction – Learn how gain SATISFACTION as you share your knowledge/skills with others

As the Professor and I were thinking about RV maintenance training, I knew deep down in my heart where my passions lay... and that is to have every lady learn how their RV works because I have lived the RV lifestyle without having the ‘know how’! And that makes my heart yearn for ladies everywhere to step out and have the “We Can Do It” attitude!

I became a full-time RVer when my teenage daughter was still living with me. Even though I didn’t have a truck to pull that enormous 37ft. Sierra 5th wheel it didn’t matter because I purchased the RV to live in... not to travel in. However, when I needed it moved, I hired someone to move it for me. The crazy part was all of that time that I lived as a full-timer, I knew nothing of how it all worked.

I am sorry girls! I have to admit it!! I didn’t know my RV had batteries... let alone what their purpose was. The only thing I could do was empty my holding tanks and I wasn’t very good at that. I simply relied on others to ‘fix’ my problems when I had them. I was basically at the mercy of everyone to give me help... my parents, brothers, ‘guy’ friends, my RV dealer service department... just about anyone that could come to my rescue.

So, do you know how I felt? My lack of confidence brought me to an extreme level of frustration! I remember there were a few times I would lean up against the back side of my 5th wheel with tears sliding down my face thinking, “What am I going to do?” All these things are going wrong with my ‘home’ and I don't know what to do. And then it happened!

The Professor came into my life. Yes, he was then (and still is) my “Knight in Shining Armor”. He swept me off my feet and then ‘fixed’ everything on my RV... but more than that, he taught me how to do it myself! And HE CAN SHOW YOU, TOO!

The Professor does a great job teaching both men and women. However, I still know that ‘us girls’... we have our own language, our own ways! Hey, we are ‘Ladies’ and it’s for all these reasons I want to teach you “through the eyes of a woman” how it is all done. It will be perfect with the Professor close by – looking over my shoulder to make sure I won’t miss a thing.

Biography of Evada Cooper:

  • Author of the RV Centennial Cookbook – Celebrating 100 Years of RVing – Order yours today!
  • I opened my own Deli Café at the age of 27 in my hometown in Central Texas. For 15 years I ran and operated a successful business which featured catering weddings, business meetings and other functions. My favorite thing to do was make party trays – holiday pies and specialty foods for my patrons. I also sold antiques and specialty foods for party baskets.

So, who is Terry Cooper, besides my Knight in Shining Armor?

  • Terry Cooper is a Master-Certified RV Maintenance Technician

  • Licensed Insurance Adjustor for the State of Texas

  • He is currently the online instructor for Northampton Community College in Bethlehem, PA for their online Certified RV Technician Program.

  • He has been a lead instructor at Texas State Technical College in Waco, TX where he has taught the Certified RV Technician Program for the last 7 years along with Solar/Alternative Energy. Currently, Terry and I are working full-time on our newly formed company - Mobile RV Academy.

  • Co-Owner and Instructor at Mobile RV Academy – a technician and consumer RV maintenance training company.

  • He is serving as the Chairman of the Texas RV Association Education Committee.

  • He has proven successful teaching methods through the colleges, teaching online and in seminars throughout the country.

  • The Professor and his sidekick ‘Roady the RV Dog’ have been featured in RV Maintenance videos, repair manuals, DVDs and more.

Yes Ladies... as far as his credentials go, I could go on and on. However, what I really want to focus on right here and now is HIS PASSION for teaching. It is his willingness to help those who are in need that draws people to him. For me, this attribute is of the utmost importance. We believe education gives people hope, confidence and the ability to make positive changes to their lives.

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