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Don’t Let Fear Win

9/11 sadly signifies the destruction of lives and hopes of thousands of people.  While reviewing this tragic event, Workamper News’ Director of Possibilities encourages those that are dreaming about living the Workamping lifestyle to find ways to make their dream a reality.  Owning and running a small business from your RV is one way to earn income while traveling throughout the United States, the number one goal of it’s thousands of active Workamper members. Thousands of “Dreamer” members also desire to explore our beautiful country, whether to experience new adventures, meet new people, visit families and friends far and wide, seek solitude or contribute to society and the environment through volunteering.

For those members who are already Workamping—living in their RV and working part or full-time as employees of campgrounds, state and federal parks, resorts, theme parks, marinas, sales, for Amazon, as well as a multitude of other employment opportunities mostly tied to seasonal positions—adding a small business to your efforts will provide additional income as well as the ways and means to save tax dollars through the years.  More than anything, Workampers have skills and untapped passions that can be utilized to do something you love through developing a small business.  It doesn’t have to be huge and cumbersome; just something you are passionate about and want to spend some of your time to develop.

One of the best ways to get a head start is to attend Mark Kohler’s special Bonus Day seminar, Small Business Tax & Legal Symposium, on October 21st in Heber Springs, Arkansas.  Last April, when Mark spoke via Skype to our Rendezvous attendees, enthusiasm rippled through the room.  Comments from attendees after the event indicated most wished he was able to attend in person.

Mark Kohler IS appearing live and presenting at the Workamper Rendezvous (October 18-20) and also on Friday, October 21st.   He is providing an affordable way to really get on board with making and saving money through small business ownership, financial and tax planning methods.  As a lawyer and CPA, Mark has the knowledge to guide you to a successful outcome.  He is a charismatic, enthusiastic speaker who also cares enough to answer your questions honestly.  (He’s the author of What Your CPA Isn’t Telling You as well as Lawyers are Liars).

9/11 made us all fearful but we shouldn’t let the bad guys win by not living freely, according to our desires. Economic troubles aside, we can learn to deal with them and still have success in life.  Most Workampers are retired or semi-retired and need additional income or ways to save money to support their lifestyle.  Sign up for the Workamper Rendezvous in October and one of the Bonus Day offerings to further your success and joy in life.

What’s Up Doc?  September Webinars!

September Dreaminar – The Categories of Workamping Opportunities – Sept. 21, 2011

Webinars to assist the Dreamer learn about the Workamping lifestyle! The Categories of Workamping Opportunities – a review of Volunteer, Contractor, Employee, and Small Business opportunities. Info to help decide which option(s) are right for you. Join us for this live event. You will have an opportunity to ask questions as well.

1 p.m. PT/2 p.m. MT/3 p.m. CT/ 4 p.m. ET

Register today at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/777140810

Workamper Campfire – Sept. 22, 2011

Join other Workampers and Workamper Dreamers who have questions about Workamping and would like to have them discussed around the campfire. You can submit your question and we will do our best to provide input on your question during the event.  Please submit your question when you register if you can. We will also take live questions during the Campfire event.

1 p.m. PT/2 p.m. MT/3 p.m. CT/4 p.m. ET

Register today at: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/822669490

Ask the Expert – Workamper Marketing Expert – Sept. 29, 2011

For Gold Members. This online webinar will provide you with the opportunity to ask any and all questions you may have about how to market yourself to prospective employers. Join Steve Anderson, WKN President and creator of Workamper Marketing 101, during this special webinar event and get your questions answered!

5 p.m PT/6 p.m. MT/7 p.m. CT/8 p.m. ET

Gold members – login to ClubWorkamper.com and visit the Ask the Experts page to register today!

Coming to the Rendezvous?  Enjoy these Fun Events in the Region!

(Any noted drive times are from Heber Springs, AR to destination.)

Friday, October 14 – Sunday, October 16: Round About Artist Studio Tour

Event Details: Arkadelphia—about 2.5 hours drive by car.  Self-guided driving tour to private studios of working artists. View original creations of pottery, painting, sculpture, wood carving, fiber art, jewelry and more. Watch demonstrations or make purchases. Friday and Saturday 9-5, Sunday 1-4 p.m.

Admission:  Free

Contact:  www.roundaboutartiststudiotour.com

October 14th & 15th: “The Witness” Musical Passion Play — Scouts and 4H Weekend in Hot Springs

October 14th – 23rd: 20th Annual Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival in Hot Springs

Event Details: The Filmmaker’s Festival workshop/panel discussions very special guest and music, new award winning documentaries, filmmakers from around the world at the Historic Malco Theatre in the cultural district downtown Hot Springs.

Admission: 10-day pass $150, 3-day pass $50, 1 day pass $25. Prices and schedules subject to change.

October 14th – 23rd: 72nd Annual Arkansas State Fair in Little Rock

Event Details: Come Smile! The Arkansas State Fair is a great place for family fun! Enjoy fair food, rides, arts & crafts, livestock, and more!

Admission:  Adults $8, children $4, senior (60+) $4, under 6 free

October 14th – 16th: 27th Annual Quartz, Quiltz and Craftz Festival in Mount Ida (about 3 hrs)

Event Details:  Gem and mineral show, arts & crafts show, quilt show, food, music, funnel cakes. This is a event that the whole family will enjoy–educational and fun. A premier quilt show featuring over 200 quilts in numerous categories. An out of this world craft show with over 60 booths to browse through. A gem and mineral show complete with World’s Championship Quartz Crystal Dig and vendors from all over the United States.

Admission:  Free

October 15th – 16th: Gaston’s October Fly Fishing School in Lakeview (about 2.5 hrs)

Event Details: Our goal is to provide you with the very best instruction and quality education. Frank Saksa has developed many new techniques for catching fish here on the White River, ones that will make you a much better fly fisherman, no matter what you fly fish for.

Admission:  $205

October 15th: Music In the Mountains Show in Horseshoe Bend (2 hrs)

Event Details:  Music in the Mountains, a monthly music and variety show, held the third Saturday of each month at 6:00 pm on the stage of the historic Horseshoe Bend Theatre. Admission is by donation; concessions available.

Admission:  Donation

October 15th – 16th: 19th Annual Rendezvous in Little Rock (1.5 hrs)

Event Details: Step back in time with mountain men, American Indians, and pioneers for a fall Rendezvous. Lots of food, music, and fun will be awaiting your whole family! Admission is free, but there is a fee for parking.

Admission: Free. Parking fee.

October 15th – 16th: 20th Annual Homestead Festival in Harrisburg (2 hrs)

Event Details: Authentic log buildings are the backdrop for the annual sorghum cooking while artisans demonstrate old time crafts such as broom making, blacksmithing, quilting and more. Wagon rides across Parker’s covered bridge as well as Civil War living history. Lots of food, fun and music. Follow us on Facebook!

Admission: $7 adults; $5 senior citizens and under age 12

October 23rd: National Veterans Creative Arts Festival in Hot Springs, AR

Event Details:  The festival is the culmination of talent competitions in art, creative writing, dance, drama, and music for Veterans treated in the VA’s national health care system. Each year, approximately 130 Veterans receive an invitation to exhibit their national first place-winning artwork or perform music, dance, dramatic or original writing selections in a gala variety show. A professional orchestra accompanies the performance. http://www.va.gov/opa/speceven/caf/index.asp

October 18th – 29th: Harvest Festival in Mountain View (45 mins) at the Ozark Folk Center Craft Village.

Event Details: Join the harvest season fun in the Ozark Folk Center Craft Village. Vote for your favorite shop; create your own treasures in the Hands-on-at-3:00 programs; and watch sorghum making, sheep shearing, black powder shooting, apple cider making, and much more.

Recommended Read at the Workamper News Store–

Road Work II – Subtitled “The RVer’s Ultimate Income Resource Guide,” this book gives faces and personalities to real-life Workampers and the employers who hire them. Through their shared experiences and tips for finding productive and profitable jobs on the road, this guide is a springboard for an RVer’s imagination and ingenuity in seeking income earning opportunities compatible with individual interests. Paperback. 498 pages. Written by Arline Chandler.

This book goes well beyond the usual “how-to” advice (although it has plenty) to actually profile Workampers and the employers who hire them. In addition to entertaining glimpses into the working RVer’s lifestyle and viewpoints from employers, this book offers information on how to do your Workamping homework, how many hours of work should you expect to do in exchange for a campsite, how to get jobs outside campgrounds and how to operate an on-the-road business.

Additionally, Chandler provides extensive information about volunteer positions, where Workampers can truly help enrich other peoples’ lives. This book is worth every penny of its price and more. You will love it.” $19.95

Go to the Workamper News Store to purchase!

Note:  After you read this book, you will definitely want to meet Arline Chandler, one of our great speakers at the Rendezvous.  Her slide show of all the wonderful places she has experienced will delight you!  She also will be more than willing to answer your many questions!

Come On Folks!  Quit Putting it Off!

Register for the Workamper Rendezvous TODAY!!!  Early Bird Discount Expires October 1st!

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