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New for 2011!

Many New Things Coming up in 2011!


Why You Want to Rendezvous!

Coming up in April 2011 will be the Workamper Rendezvous taking place in Heber Springs, Arkansas – April 26 – 28, 2011.

You need to consider attending if anyone or more of the following statements strike a chord with you:

1)     You are currently in Dream/Planning mode and have not become an active Workamper.

2)    You have been Workamping for a while and don’t feel like you are getting everything out of it that you thought you would???

3)    You are a active Workamper and know that you still can learn more and wish to improve upon an already great lifestyle.

4)    You don’t have any particular reason to attend, but you seek out opportunities to network and connect with other Workampers.

5)    You don’t have a reason… you just know you want to attend!

To learn more about the Rendezvous and to ultimately register visit:


Join the discussions on these hot topics!

  • How did you get your “First Workamper Jobs”? Add your experience at the Workampers (Subscriber-only) Forum.
  • If you are researching employers, start at the WE (Subscriber-only) Forum.
  • Post your images at the new Subscriber-only Workamper Images Forum and check out the ones already there!
  • “New All The Way Do We Even Have a Chance” needs advice and encouragement. Join in at the General Workamping Forum
  • Does your RV have the “The 5 year blues”? Share yours at the Fulltiming Forum
  • Solos (and couples) – What can you do “Just in case…”?  Add your advice at the Solo Workamping Forum.
  • Check out the latest projects at the new DIY, Mods & Upgrades forum. You can upload photos too!
  • Look for more new recipes at “What’s for dinner?” at the Workamper Interests and Hobbies forum.

Log in (or register at)  Workamper Forums

Join Us for the Upcoming Jobinar Event!

The Delaware North Companies (DNC) Parks and Resorts at Yellowstone will be presenting their Jobinar Event – Wednesday, January 12th, at 12 p.m. CT .  (1 p.m. ET/11 a.m. MT/10 a.m. PT)

Live the Adventure! Join our enthusiastic staff and make life-long friends while enjoying first-hand the amazing wonders of living in Yellowstone National Park. For details, please visit our Featured Employer Page at

REGISTER to attend this online event at

Gold Club Workamper Round Table Event

The first Gold Round Table Session for the New Year will take place this evening,  Thursday, January 6, 2011 at 7 p.m. Central Time.  If you are a Gold Club member log in to the Club Workamper website and register for the event on the Gold Round Table page.

We will be discussing the coming updates to Club Workamper and the NEW benefits it will be providing all Club members.

The RV Tax Master – George Montgomery

In December 2010 we introduced George Montgomery, The RV Tax Master as our newest independent instructor in Workamper University.  George will begin the New Year with a 3 course series to help maximize your tax savings while living the Workamper lifestyle.

You can learn more about the RV Tax Master if you missed the introduction event by visiting .

Once at click the Workamper tab.  On the drop down menu, click Online Tools and then webinars.

If you are interested in learning how to save on your taxes and structure your Workamping lifestyle to obtain the maximum benefits with regard to taxes and personal finances, you will want to participate in his upcoming course series that begins January 18, 2011.

If you want to go straight to the course information visit:


Replacing your Furnace can cost you over $750…a water heater over $650…and you don’t even want to think about what that last air conditioner cost you. Over a $1,000 wasn’t it?

With the rising cost to maintain and service your RV how are you going to afford to live the RV lifestyle you have come to love and enjoy?

By doing it yourself! Over 80% of the problems you have with your RV are things you can handle yourself. Let Terry Cooper, a Master Certified RV Technician and college instructor show you how you can do your own RV service and maintenance.

Workamper University is now offering a 4 month program that will help you develop the skills and knowledge that will save $$ and will build your confidence so you can enjoy the RV lifestyle.

To learn more on how you can secure your future by investing in yourself go to


You have been putting it off for many different reasons. However, it is a brand new year and it is a time to find solutions to the things that have been bearing heavy on your mind and your wallet.  With rising RV repair cost at the service centers and not truly understanding whether your rig is even ready to go on the open road – what is the solution?

The solution is:  Learn to do the work yourself!  It’s affordable training, plus – the teacher is Terry Cooper – he is a Master Certified RV Technician who has spent many years teaching technicians for dealership service department work. Now he is offering consumer RV maintenance training via computer here at Workamper University.

Right now is the time to put yourself on the road to success by enrolling in the 2011 Gold Star Club is RV Maintenance training that is perfect for the Workamper. You can know it all in 4 months by coming on board now.  Take a look at this website that explains all the details.

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