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Welcome to Workamper University, created by Workamper News. Here we have brought all of the educational opportunities that we offer to a single page. The offerings are in the form of online courses, pre-recorded courses that you download or receive on CD, and some printed media. If you have any questions please email Workamper News.

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RV Lifestyles - Jaimie Hall Bruzenak

Introducing Jaimie

Jaimie Hall Bruzenak is an RVer, author, speaker, and RV Lifestyle Expert. She full-timed with her first husband, Bill, for many years before he passed away. Now she has a fifth wheel and travels occasionally leaving her Arizona home with her husband, George. Jaimie is the author of Support Your RV Lifestyle! An Insider's Guide to Working on the Road. She is a regular contributor to Workamper News and is the Workamper Viewpoint Editor. She has also written numerous articles for RoadTripAmerica.com, RV Life and Escapees magazine, and is a regular presenter at the Workamper Rendezvous.

Workamping 101 - How to Get Your First Workamping Job

Give me six hours and I’ll give you my step-by-step process for finding a Workamper position—paid or volunteer—that fits you and meets your needs. Join me and discover how you can hit the ground running and avoid the mistakes all new Workampers make and learn to find great positions from the get-go. You benefit by:

  • Finding a job that is match for you
  • Make the money you need and want to make
  • Find a job in the area you want to be in
  • Consider Workamping possibilities you might have overlooked that are fun or pay more
  • Have the tools to find high-paying jobs, if that’s what you focus on
  • Learning a process you’ll use each time you want to find a job or volunteer opportunity
Online Only Homestudy Course - 2011

The latest version is offered as a homestudy course! Take Workamping 101 on your computer at your convenience. Review all six recorded webinar sessions and additional material on Jaimie's Moodle website on-demand. This version was recorded in October-November, 2011. Recorded webinar sessions, additional resources and handouts, and bonuses included. Two payment option also available.

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 Purchase now for one payment of: $174.00

 Purchase now for two payments of: $95.00

CD Homestudy Course - 2009

NOW 50% OFF! A recorded Webinar home-study course on CD. Place this CD in your computer to access the recorded webinar sessions, handouts and resources. Plus two bonuses!

Click HERE for a full description.

 Windows Media or Quicktime Movie Version - Purchase now: $99.00

Write a Workamper Resume that Rocks!

Is your Workamper resume ready to go? Are you getting responses from it? If not, then join Workamper expert Jaimie Hall Bruzenak in a 45-minute, recorded session on writing a resume that rocks! We’ll look at:

  • what the purpose of a resume is
  • writing an objective that attracts a positive response
  • identifying what you have to offer a Workamper employer
  • what type of resume is most effective for you
  • examples of Workamper resumes, Awesome Applicant resumes and cover letters
  • power words for resumes

Here’s your chance to take this basic but powerful course. It includes the 45-minute recorded webinar video, handouts and a worksheet.

Because we want to reach as many Workampers as possible, we have slashed the price for this session. For $29.95, you can have access to all the materials of this course for 90 days. Act now! Get your resume at the top of your ideal employer's hiring pile!

Here's what Workamper Paul had to say after going through this course, "The resume webinar (video) was excellent. There was lots of great ideas I picked up. I will get on my resume to make the appropriate changes."

Available in two formats! Online - Access the course materials for 90 days on Jaimie's Moodle website. CD - No internet access required. Receive one CD in the mail which you place in your computer and open to access all of the course materials.

 90 Day Access–Purchase now: $29.95

 CD in the Mail–Purchase now: $29.95

Resume Makeover

You will receive three versions of your resume: regular Workamper resume for printing, Awesome Applicant resume and your resume formatted for emailing. You will be sent a form to complete on your background. Then you will have a telephone interview with Jaimie. Your rough draft back should be completed within a week. Once any needed changes are made, the complete versions will be finalized and sent to you.

 Purchase now: $99.00

Resume Check

Is your resume working for you? Are you getting an interview after you send out your resume? If your resume is not doing the job you want it to do, have it evaluated by resume expert Jaimie Hall Bruzenak. Your resume will be evaluated in ten different categories with notes on how you can improve it. You will be provided with a list of resources you can use to do so. She can evaluate your Awesome Applicants Resume or another Workamper resume you’ve created.

 Purchase now: $25.00

Workamping Wednesdays

Explore ten important aspects of Workamping with Jaimie. We'll cover topics such as the Awesome Applicant resume, on-the-job issues, and researching employers and more. You will receive an email after purchase with access information for the 60-90 minute recorded session plus any handouts or resources. You can purchase individual sessions at $29.95 each. Sessions recorded in 2010.

Click HERE for more info or to purchase a package of all sessions for $147!

Session 1 - Awesome Applicant Resume
Formatting and posting your Awesome Applicant Resume so you can get it up and working for you. We'll also include how to get your resume to the top of the list in employer searches and utilize key words.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 2 - Your Vision and Purpose for Workamping

Target jobs that match plus meet your needs so you focus your efforts effectively. Refine your Awesome Applicant resume to match.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 3 - Workamper News Tools: Make the Most of Them

Your subscription comes with a host of free tools. Learn what they are and how to effectively use them in finding jobs and learning about the Workamping lifestyle.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 4 - Your Strengths

What do you have to offer an employer? Turn your experience into selling points. How to handle physical limitations.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 5 - How to Research an Employer

The time to find out about an employer is before accepting a position. Make sure this job is right for you.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 6 - The Interview and Workamper Agreement
Learn what questions you should ask and why a Workamper agreement is essential. Go beyond the usual questions to find out what it would be like to work there.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 7 - The Proactive Workamper
Learn insider tips on finding jobs and making them a successful experience. Find out how some Workampers find exactly what they want in a job, including working at short-term jobs.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 8 - Dealing with On-The-Job Issues
No job is 100 percent perfect. How do you handle situations like bossy or lazy co-workers, being asked to work in excess of the the job called for, or difficult bosses, etc?

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 9 - Evaluating a Job Offer
Will this job be profitable or cost me money? Analyze what your compensation is and what "costs" you have in taking a position.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 10 - Looking Ahead
Turning your job into a stepping stone for the next. Gear up your job search - when and how.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Workamping Wednesdays Package
SPECIAL PRICE! Receive unlimited access to all 10 Workamping Wednesdays session (a $299 value) for a one-time fee of $147. Click HERE for more info or click the purchase link below.

 Purchase now: $147.00

RV Lifestyle Wednesdays

Each topic addresses a specific aspect of the RV lifestyle (or Workamping). You will receive an email after purchase with access information for the 60-90 minute recorded session plus any handouts or resources. You can purchase individual sessions at $29.95 each. Sessions recorded in 2010.

Click HERE for more info or to purchase a package of all sessions for $147!

Session 1 - Budgeting for the RV Lifestyle

Start off with preparing a realistic budget that is based on your income and spending. See sample budgets used by RVers and typical costs for insurance, vehicle registration and have tools to compute your own.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 2 - RV Lifestyle Basics

Am I suited? What do I want to get out of it? Answering the "what-if's?"

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 3 - Frugal RVing
Ways to keep various aspects of your budget under control. We'll include 10-plus ways to save on camping, cut fuel costs, reduce cell phone and other electronic bills.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 4 - Choosing Your Domicile
How does domicile differ from residency? What are the financial implications? Comparison of three popular domiciles.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 5 - Finding Health Insurance
How to research health insurance. How to move from a group policy to an individual policy even if you have a "prior" condition.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 6 - Choosing an RV
Pros and cons of each, how to research. Developing a checklist of critical things to check.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 7 - Communication on the Road
Mail, TV, Internet, cell phones and money - how do you manage?

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 8 - Dry Camping or Boondocking
What is it? Where can you do it? How to set up your rig for boondocking and decide if it is worth the expense.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 9 - Handling Emergencies
Preparedness and resources for the RVer like roadside assistance, emergency medical transportation, health crisis.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Session 10 - Adding to Your Income
Introduction to Workamping. Looking ahead to working and volunteering on the road.

 Purchase now: $29.95

RV Lifestyle Wednesdays Package
GREAT VALUE! Receive unlimited access to all 10 RV Lifestyle Wednesdays sessions (a $299 value) for a one-time fee of $147. Click HERE for more info or click the purchase link below.

 Purchase now: $147.00

RV Volunteers Make a Difference
A recorded Webinar home-study course on CD. Volunteering: What you should know; What questions you should ask. Have you thought about volunteering on the road? This course spells out why RVers volunteer and what they gain from it. Volunteering has many rewards and can have a positive impact on the budget too. The 60-minute course shows you right where to find these opportunities and how to go about getting them.

Click HERE for more information.

 Purchase now: $29.95

Workamper University CD Courses
Workamper 101 - How to Get Your First Workamping Job - 2009

NOW 50% OFF! A recorded Webinar home-study course on CD. Are you excited about the possibility of working on the road? Are you ready to look for your first Workamper position? Do you want to avoid driving hundreds of miles to a job that isn't quite right for you or that is not what you expected?

Click HERE for a full description.

 Windows Media or Quicktime Movie Version - Purchase now: $99.00

Workamper 102 - Interviewing for a Workamper Job

A recorded Webinar home-study course on CD. Do you know what is the most critical step in the job finding process? Do you wonder why some Workampers nearly always find great positions while others have disasters? What is the secret to finding a job that is a match? It's all in the interview.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Non-member of WKN - Purchase now: $104.00

 Basic member to WKN - Purchase now: $74.00

 WorkamperPlus member of WKN - Purchase now: $64.00

eBooks recommended by Jaimie
Retire to an RV - The Roadmap to Affordable Retirement Living

by Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz

Can you afford to retire AND travel 365 days a year? This ebook provides you with the information to help you make that decision. Available in a PDF version that you read on your computer or print out. NEW! Version for reading on your electronic reading device like a Kindle, Nook, iPad or Smart Phone!

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase to read on computer: $17.47

 Purchase to read on Kindle/iPad/Nook: $17.47

RVers - How do they live like that? Answers for those who wonder

by Judy Farrow and Lou Stoetzer, PhD

Unlike the usual how-to books that cover choosing an RV, campgrounds, etc., this book focuses more about the emotional, psychological aspects of the lifestyle. Available in a PDF version that you read on your computer or print out.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $19.95

The Women's Guide to Solo RVing

by Jaimie Hall-Bruzenak and Alice Zyetz

Designed for women who are either planning to go on the road, or have already taken the plunge. This PDF book provides answers to ALL their questions. From the basics of "Can I go it alone?" and "How do I deal with loneliness?" to the specifics of "How do I drive alone?" and "What do I need to know about maintaining complicated RV systems?" the information is easy to understand. Well-organized, encouraging and honest. E-Reader version for reading on your electronic reading device like a Kindle, Nook, iPad or Smart Phone! Or available on CD.

 Purchase on CD to read on computer/print out: $13.95

 Purchase to read on Kindle/iPad/Nook: $12.95

The Texas RV Professor - Terry Cooper

Introducing The Professor

Terry Cooper, the Texas RV Professor, is also known as America's RV Expert. Terry began working in the RV industry in 1972 with Skyline Corporation. As an RVIA/RVDA Master Certified RV Technician, he was a great fit as instructor of a college RV Technical training program until 2012. With his wife, Evada, they run the Mobile RV Academy - offering training for consumer RV maintenance via online webinars, books and DVDs. Terry is also on the Board of Directors for the Texas Recreational Vehicle Association (TRVA) - Education Committee and Service Committee. All this and more while living in a Redwood Fifth Wheel and traveling the U.S.

RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds - Live Training

Are you one of those folks that gets satisfaction from helping others? Are you looking to enhance your Workamper skills so you can make more money? Are you looking for a way to make your resume stand apart from others? So many of the problems RVers have are simple things. If you know how the system works and where to look for the problem, then you can help others! As an RV Maintenance Technician for Campgrounds, you will have the ability to RESOLVE those issues that the campgrounds guests can have. Why not put your skills and knowledge to work helping others, helping the campground keep the RVers in their sites, and make money as a Workamper.

Workamper University and the Texas RV Professor are offering a LIVE 5-day course with hands-on training in multiple locations - where you can become an RV Maintenance Technician. Sessions will cover RV electrical systems, propane system, water systems, RV appliances, and RV exterior systems. Also includes "Become an RV Inspector" technical and marketing training - another income opportunity for you!

Plus there's SIX special bonuses for attendees:

  • RV Maintenance Technician Resource Notebook
  • Four RV Appliance Maintenance DVDs
  • The Atwood and Suburban Water Heater Repair Manuals
  • One year of the Professor's RV Maintenance Tech Newsletter
  • Skills Competency Final Exam
  • Completion Diploma

Get signed up today! Seats are limited. Tuition options: full pay at $1744 or 3-pay option available (3 x $627). Don't forget to ask your accountant about deducting all your meals, lodging costs and course tuition as skills training expenses on your taxes.

>Multiple Sessions Available in Different Locations!

 Click here to Learn More or Purchase Now

Gold Star Club - Take Home Technician RV Maintenance Program

Are you ready to stop the fear of the unknown about whether or not you are capable of jumping into the RVing lifestyle because of the fear of not knowing? It's all about finding the CORRECT information; finding it from a source that is QUALIFIED. Receiving teaching methods that are UNDERSTANDABLE. And last, but not least, this information is coming from someone who has a passion for what they do. Nearly 20 hours of training videos, bonus materials, handouts, homework and more. Three different payment options and two different formats (online only or CD) - to fit your technological and financial needs.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now for one payment of $297.00

 Purchase now for two payments of $173.50

 Purchase now for monthly subscription service

RV Maintenance for Ladies Only with Evada Cooper

When we set a goal, we commit ourselves with a CAN-DO attitude! "It's just like the Gold Star Club, but it's coming from my point of view with the Professor at my side. Together we will teach YOU how to maintain your RV," says Evada. The program includes 11 video sessions (20 hours!), hands-on assignments, and homeowrk. All sessions are 90-minute, recorded webinars placed in our library for you to view at your convenience. Other bonuses included! Three different payment options and two different formats (online only or CD) - to fit your technological and financial needs.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now for one payment of $297.00

 Purchase now for two payments of $173.50

 Purchase now for monthly subscription service

RV Inspection - What Every RVer Needs to Know

There is so much more to an RV than just a pretty interior. We need to be out of the 'emotional arena' of purchasing and place ourselves into the 'Fact-Finding Mode' so we will see the jewel for what it really is. Having a systematic procedure - will take us from top to bottom, from outside to inside - so we are able to look at every system and feature - asking ourselves, "Does it work? ...Does it meet my needs?" This course will provide the instruction, the necessary inspection forms and test procedures you need to save $$$ on the purchase of your RV.

One CD will be mailed to you. The CD, which you'll place in your computer, includes over 4 hours of instruction by the Texas RV Professor, Terry Cooper, along with the inspection sheets for Motor Homes, 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers. We have a person covered regardless which way they decided to go in their purchasing of a RV. This course can save the new buyer thousands of dollars.

 Purchase now: $167.00

Take Home Tech Course Series

These courses give all RV Enthusiasts an opportunity to become educated in a vast array of RV maintenance topics that will give them the edge they need to be successful. If you are currently a full-timer, or are dreaming of becoming one, then who better to invest your money in than yourself! Master Certified RV Technician, Terry Cooper - owner and instructor of Mobile RV Academy - tells us that 80% of our RV Maintenance issues can be resolved ourselves. So because of that fact, he has designed a maintenance program for the average RV consumer. All courses were developed and recorded in 2009 with live attendees. Now they sit in a library waiting for you to access with handouts, post tests and homework. Everything needed to be successful in learning how to 'do-it-yourself' when it comes to RV maintenance is right there at your fingertips.

Each course is available for purchase at the listed price and includes PDF files of the handouts or tests associated with that course, as well as the recorded webinar(s). Recorded webinars are Windows Media Video files (WMV). The files are all located on Cooper's Training Site. Once you purchase a course, you will receive an email with information on setting up a new account on the training site, as well as the enrolment key that you will need to access the specific course that you purchased.

RV Absorption Type Refrigerators

Why will you never hear a compressor or fan motor on the RV refrigerator because it's not there! Learn how this type of refrigerator stays cold by using the heat from a propane flame or heating element!

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

RV Exterior Inspections and Repairs

Protect your RV investment by doing a quick, easy and systematic exterior inspection of the roof, awning and the exterior walls of your RV.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

RV Propane System - How Does It Work?

The propane system (LP gas) on your RV is one of the safest and most efficient energy systems found on today's RV. Learn how your RV's propane system operates, it's safety features and how to safely handle this portable fuel source.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

Maintaining the RV Furnace

When things start to get chilly you want to be able to reach over, flip on the thermostat and fire up the furnace. Don't get left out in the cold because you did not learn how to perform these simple procedures on your RV furnace.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

Servicing Your RV Air Conditioner

The air conditioner on top of your RV is one of the most overworked and under serviced appliances on your rig. A few simple procedures will help keep your unit operating at its peak performance and last longer.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

RV Water Heaters

The RV water heater is a very big part of the camping experience. Whether your water heater has Electronic Ignition or has a Standing Pilot let the Texas RV Professor show you how you can maintain your water heater for those hot showers you have come to love.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

Water Systems for the RV

In today's Recreational Vehicles there are two distinct fresh water sources and two waste water systems on board. Learn how to identify each source and how it functions in your RV.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $47.00

Becoming an RV Inspector: Making Dollars on the Road

With many lending institutions requiring an inspection of a used RV, folks are turning to the expert that will come in and perform a top to bottom inspection of the RV they are looking to purchase. Learn how to approach banks, credit unions and other lenders to establish yourself as the go to person when it comes to inspecting RVs. *New recordings October 2010*

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $247.00

RV Electrical Systems

Learn how your RV Electrical Systems operate so you are not in the dark. The course has been designed for the individual that wants to not only SAVE money, but develop new skills that can be used while full timing in your RV or just helping your neighbor out with his problems for additional income.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $247.00

Becoming a Certified RV Walk-Through Technician: Making Dollars on the Road

Learn how to become a Certified RV Walk-Through Technician and start doing show outs today! Dealerships are always looking for trained individuals that have the knowledge to instruct new customers on how the various systems in their rig work.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase now: $247.00

Online Expert Events

In 2010, Terry Cooper held 75-minute educational webinars with an Expert Guest on various RV lifestyle topics. In order for you to sidestep some of the huge pitfalls when starting out on your RV Adventure, why not get your information straight from the 'Experts in the field' rather than from 'hear-say'. This is valuable information that you won't want to miss out on.

Each topic will provide information to help improve your RV lifestyle. The cost for each event is $27. Recorded webinars are Windows Media Video files (WMV). The files are all located on Cooper's Cooper's Training Site. Once you purchase an individual event, you will receive an email with information on setting up a new account on the training site, as well as the enrolment key that you will need to access the specific event that you purchased. Events recorded in 2010.

Click HERE to purchase a package of all sessions for a special sale price of $99!

Buying and Selling It Right

Have you purchased your RV yet? Or are you about to purchase again - new? Or used? This session can help you with these decisions. Expert guest: James Eleckel - Sales Manager of PPL Motor Homes of Houston, TX. Also - Expert guest: Rob Henderson - Director of Marketing & Sales of PPL Motor Homes. PPL is the number 1 consignment RV dealership in the U.S. for many years. They have been at the top of their field for over 23 years, and because of their exertise, they share pointers on how to correctly buy and sell an RV in today's market.

 Purchase now: $27.00

Insurance and Finance

Most of us don't know what is involved when shopping for RV loans and insurance, which is why the Texas RV Professor wanted to do this session. Expert guest: Dave Russell - Bank of the West. Russell is the Vice President of the West Region - RV/Marine Division. He has been in the RV business for 35 years.

 Purchase now: $27.00

Staying Connected

One of the most important issues many of us will encounter while on the road is "Staying Connected" with our Internet and cell phones. Expert guests: Jim and Chris Guld of "The GEEKS on Tour." The Gulds live full-time in their own motorhome and travel the U.S. teaching consumers how to successfully travel with their electronics to stay connected with friends and family. They both have a vast amount of computer knowledge that they are eager to share with their listeners.

 Purchase now: $27.00


Are you a Workamper, or are you planning to Workamp in the future? In this session, we visit with expert guest Robert Crocket, owner of the beautiful Spring Branch RV Resort in the Texas Hill Country. Crocket uses his expertise to tell us what he looks for when recruiting Workampers for his staff, along with his expectations. It's great information when thinking of, "Could being a campground worker be right for me?" Great webinar!

 Purchase now: $27.00

RV Lifestyles

There are so many things we need to know as a full-timer. One of the most important is, "Where is my domicile going to be?" Expert guest: Jaimie Hall Bruzenak - RV Lifestyle Experts. Jaimie has been a full-timer since 1992. She is the author of many popular books, courses and webinars on the subjects of how to be a successful Workamper, volunteering and what every full-timer needs to know. She is a WEALTH of information for she "talks-the-talks" because she "walks-the-walk." You won't want to miss this great session on RV Lifestyles.

 Purchase now: $27.00

My RV Kitchen

Your RV kitchen can be a mystery if you are new to RVing. Today's RVs have so many conveniences, but you are still at a disadvantage because of your possible lack of knowledge on how your RV kitchen works. Expert guest: Evada Cooper - author of RV Centennial Cookbook, Celebrating 100 Years of RVing. Her career background is in the food industry; she was the owner of a deli-bistro cafe for 15 years in her hometown of Rockdale, TX. In this session, you'll learn about all of the technical issues encountered in your RV kitchens, address storage needs, and preparing for your 'outdoor' kitchens, plus much more. Fun stuff (and practical too)!

 Purchase now: $27.00

RVing with Pets

So many of us have pets and we have concerns about how the RVing experience will be with our pets. Exert guests: Terry and Evada Cooper. They provide information on what kinds of pets do well on the road, where do I find a pet, pet care on the road, pet friendly RV parks, and more. This was a fun session that we hope you will enjoy.

 Purchase now: $27.00

Personal Finances

Personal finance is important for us all. Expert guest: George Montgomery - the RV Tax Master from Arizona. Montgomery has 30-plus years experience in personal finance, and one of the things we loved about him - he and his wife have lived the RV lifestyle full-time and maintained their business while doing so. He shows you how to lessen your tax liability and provides you with invaluable information that will keep you from making COSTLY mistakes.

 Purchase now: $27.00

Dollars on the Road

A fun session with expert guest Ray Spriggs, owner of Brazos Valley Advertising in Somerville, TX. Spriggs has over 35 years of experience in helping businesses grow through the use of promotional products. He covers different types of businesses full-timers can operate using their specific skills through distributors, affiliates, flea markets and Ebay.

 Purchase now: $27.00

Expert Events Package
SPECIAL SALE PRICE! Receive unlimited access to all 9 Online Expert Events sessions (a $243 value) for a one-time fee of $99.

 Purchase now: $99.00

RV Tax Master - George Montgomery

Introducing George

George has been a tax professional for over 33 years, and is licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service. He has a Masters in Business Administration and strivse to offer consulting services to individuals and business and as to tax planning as well as tax preparation. He has also spent over 15 years living in and traveling in a 35' motorhome while working on the road. He wants to help RVers to understand their tax entitlements and responsibilities so that they may utilize the tax laws to their advantage, and to plan their live goals for a purpose driven life.

Workamper Tax Pro Secrets

Now available in TWO FORMATS! The RV Tax Master promises to provide you with RV living tax knowledge, so you'll be keeping the money that's supposed to be yours, with no fear of an IRS audit! Now this is excellent news for YOU, since most RVers don't seek out tax consulting assistance. You are going to learn how to use the tax laws to your advantage and play within the IRS rules. Those who don't will become worthy targets for the IRS. Are you ready to send less tax money to the IRS by learning how to take the maximum deductions and expenses while living the Workamping lifestyle? The RV Tax Master can help you, if you're ready to save yourself money now and in the future. Learn about your best domicile options, tax deductions and your home base! All three sessions are approximately 1 hour in length and are available to view at your convenience.

Online format: Each session is a Windows Media Video you can watch on your computer. You will have 6 months after you begin your first education session to go through the course and additional materials as much as you need, all accessible from George's education website.

DVD format: Recommended for folks with slower (or no) internet connection. Set includes 3 DVDs to watch on your computer or TV, plus 1 CD containing additional course materials.

Click HERE for a full description.

 Purchase Online format: $74.00

 Purchase DVD format: $74.00

Workamper News

Eliminate Chance With Your Future Workamping Experiences

Presented by Steve Anderson - WKN President

Let me share with you a secret. It's easier than you think to eliminate chance when it comes to your future Workamping experiences. I've seen many Workampers do just that over the past 20 years. And the best part is, now I'm ready to pull back the curtain and show you exactly how I've seen it done.

In Workamper Marketing 101, we will go in-depth on

  • The number 1 thing you need to focus on when developing your Personal Marketing Strategy
  • How to craft your Personal Marketing Strategy so it sells
  • My secrets to developing a Personal Marketing Strategy that will "let your light shine brighter"
  • How to implement your Personal Marketing Strategy after you have built it
  • and the most critical mind-set shift you need to make before attempting to develop your Personal Marketing Strategy.
As you probably know (and may have experienced yourself first-hand) taking the chance out of getting that next Workamping opportunity you want is easier said than done.

Let me walk you through the steps to have employers Rolling out the Red Carpet for you! Click Here for more info on this 4-session online course. You can also view our introduction webinar - 5 Simple Secrets that will have Workamper Employers Rolling out the Red Carpet for You!

NOW AVAILABLE IN TWO FORMATS! Take this on-demand course via your computer online OR get the disc set in the mail to watch the course sessions on your TV or computer. Online format provides you access to our special Moodle website where all of the course recordings and files are available to you. The mailed disc set comes with 1 CD-Rom that includes the course handouts and 3 DVDs you can play on your TV or on your computer. Either format includes, by mail, the Marketing Manager 3-ring binder with transcripts of sessions, marketing tracker, and bonus DVD session.

 Purchase now for $29.95

Rendezvous To Your Door

By now, you've probably heard about the Workamper Rendezvous. Hundreds of Workampers and Dreamers have raved about how helpful and inspiring the 3-day, live Rendezvous event was for them. If you haven't been able to attend before, no worries, we'll bring it to you!

The Rendezvous To Your Door set is a must-have if you want the insider-knowledge on nearly every aspect of the Workamping and RVing lifestyle. Ten passionate experts share their expertise on topics from getting the first Workamper job, to tax tips, to RV maintenance, to staying safe on the road, to marketing yourself as a Workamper...and so much more.

The details are that it's a 30-audio CD set (recorded at the October 2012 Rendezvous) that includes all of the PowerPoint slides and handouts from the presenters in a nice 3-ring binder so you can follow along. It's almost like you were there! By now, I'm sure you can tell that benefits it will provide you are a well-rounded confidence that this is the right lifestyle for you and how to make it insanely successful.

ELIMINATE FEAR with a connection to these great experts. For $147 we'll mail you everything already mentioned plus THREE MORE BONUSES.

  • Hot Seat Session recordings
  • Workamper Success Manual

 Purchase now for $147

Transform Your Workamping Future Coaching Series

During the "The Top 5 Ways to Radically Transform Your Future Workamping Experiences" webinar, we introduced you to the 5 elements that will be key in transforming your future when you develop and act upon them. You will be giving yourself a gift that will take you places you haven’t even dreamed of yet. This just doesn’t happen for most folks and during our webinar period we only had the time to discuss the “What” and not so much the “How.”

That is where the coaching series comes into play. Beginning March 28th and for five consecutive weeks after, we will get into the “How” of each of the five elements in a group coaching online webinar I'm calling the Transform Your Workamping Future Coaching Series.

When we finish our coaching time together I am confident that you will know of the tools you should be developing for your future transformation. You will have many ideas on How to implement the various elements to ultimately improve your future Workamping opportunities and overall lifestyle.

You know that there is more out there waiting for you! Step up and do what you need to do to have the future you desire. Don’t just let it happen...be instrumental in making it happen!

A five-week coaching series with Workamping Coach, Steve Anderson, who will teach you how to implement the 5 elements of transforming your Workamping future. Begins March 28, 2013, but can be accessed at anytime. Online-only course. One time investment.

Click Here to watch the Top 5 Ways webinar and learn more.

 Purchase now for $49.97

The Dreamer's Journey...Secrets to Workamping Discovery


If you want to elminate the pain of change, make wiser decisions and enter or improve your happiness factor, this might be the most important information you'll ever read.

Inside this just released program called "The Dreamer's Journey...Secrets to Workamping Discovery", you will discover:

  • The secrets to Workamping succsess
  • How to accelerate your future
  • The top secret to Smart Workamping
  • The complete step-by-step guide to moving forward
  • The biggest mistakes that Dreamers and experienced Workampers make
  • The 10 dumbest mistakes even smart people make when entering the Workamping lifestyle
  • How to build a lifestyle and not just let it happen

That's just a small sample of what you will experience when you take "The Dreamer's Journey."

"The Dreamer's Journey" is designed specifically for the RVer who is Dreaming about the ability to travel America and pay for much of it by working along the way. The program is 100% guaranteed and has already been proven to be wildly effective!

My guided journey reveals how you can evaluate and guarantee that the lifestyle can be everything you desire. It's effective and it works.

In addition to confidential, specialized knowledge "The Dreamer's Journey" contains an arsenal of...


Here's a sneak peek at what you'll get...

  • The Introduction to "The Dreamer's Journey...Secrets to Workamping Discovery"
  • The 101 Questions you must ask yourself before starting
  • How to take the Four Steps to Workamping Freedom
  • The complete step-by-step Dreamer's Journey Timeline
  • The biggest mistakes revealed during Workamping Campfires

Plus, in addition to "The Dreamer's Journey...Secrets to Workamping Discovey" and the most thorough and advanced collection of Workamping knowledge abailable you're also going to get...


  1. Bonus #1: The proven system...Workamper Marketing 101. This program has been successfully utilized by thousands of Workampers. You will learn how to market yourself and develop your own Workamping opportunities in the future.
  2. Bonus #2: Learn from valuable information from seasoned Workampers who share their wisdom while being grilled with questions from me, Steve Anderson, owner of Workamper News.
  3. Bonus #3: You will receive a "One Hour - Group Consultation Session" with me, Master Workamper Developer - Steve Anderson. My 25+ years of experience in the world of Workamping will prove itself valuable to any Workamper Dreamer desiring to begin this awesome lifestyle!

I am doing all of this and provideing you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Just get it and try it out. Prove to yourself that the resource is all I say it is, and if you decide that it's not, return it for a refund. You have nothing to los, everything to gain, and zero risk.

The Complete Kit contains...

One presentation Binder with transcriptions of the presentations.
One USB Flash Card - The Dreamer's Journey pre-loaded with: Presentations in MP4 video format for the visual learner and presentations in MP3 audio format for the audio learner.


To encourage you to take ACTION today to order your Dreamer's Journey Kit I will be providing you with a one month TRIAL Workamper Plus membership to Workamper News. This will provide you with access to our online services. You will have a sample issue of the hardcopy of Workamper News magazine that is included in your Dreamer's Journey binder...

At the end of your trial membership, we will continue your Workamper Plus membership by charging your same credit card $54 for 12 more months of Workamper Plus membership. This will provide you with access to all of the online tools of Workamper.com and six issues of Workamper News magazine mailed to your home.

If you do not wish to continue the membership past the one month free trial, simply contact the Workamper News office to cancel the continued membership. We are confident that you will want to continue and that is why we have included it in this offer. The tools of Workamper News are necessary for your education that will tkae your dream to the next level - even if your dream may be years down the road.

 $77 (For Non-Workamper News Members)


To encourage you to take ACTION today to order your Dreamer's Journey Kit, I will be providing you with a one issue extension to your current membership. This equates to up to two extra months of membership! We will not automatically charge you again after 30 days if you are an exsiting member and choose this option.

Take action and order your Dreamer's Journey Kit Today!

 $77 (For Existing Workamper News Members)

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